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Stay Cool, Stay Clean: How Furify’s Bamboo Bedsheets Elevate Co-Sleeping Experience

Furify//March 30, 2024

Stay Cool, Stay Clean: How Furify’s Bamboo Bedsheets Elevate Co-Sleeping Experience

Furify//March 30, 2024

Since ancient times, humans have shared a close relationship with their pets that extended even into the sleeping space. Canines of yore were known to curl up next to their owners in the night, serving not just as four-legged security guards but also as sources of warmth and comfort.

This practice persists today. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, almost half of Americans sleep with their pets. The reasons are manifold, from that “warm, fuzzy feeling” of another body nearby to nightmare reduction.

While co-sleeping brings with it a host of benefits, it can also make staying clean a chore. Fur, dirt, and dander are unavoidable side-effects, and could negatively impact your sleep hygiene.

To keep the dopamine-rush but ditch the dirt, the team at Furify came up with bedsheets designed to elevate the co-sleeping experience. Anti-snag, antibacterial, and made of bamboo, they bring a touch of natural comfort to your snooze and your pet’s. But first, why should you even co-sleep?

The case for co-sleeping

The reason why we put up with fur, dirt, and dander in the bed is perhaps the most important one: we love our pets. Our furry friends are with us through life, and sharing a bed with them can be immensely comforting.

The science backs this up. Sleeping with your dog has been shown to boost oxytocin levels, resulting in decreased stress and anxiety. Oxytocin also promotes theta brainwaves, which are associated with rapid eye movement sleep. The best part is that the same goes for your pet!

For those living with mental health conditions such as depression, co-sleeping can also be a great help in reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness.

No escape from dirt

Still, pets will be pets. They shed, lick, and chase after all manner of unsavory creatures, from cockroaches to backyard rats.

Even an innocent day out to the park could end in mud or dirt being tracked into the house, and eventually onto the bed. Many of us love to see our pets having fun, but dread the clean-up – and it only gets worse for owners of double-coated breeds, for whom shedding season can be particularly trying.

What this potentially means for co-sleepers is allergies, itching, and even fleas or ticks. But the answer to your co-sleeping woes may not lie in suffering in silence. It could be as simple as changing the bedsheets.

Choose bamboo

Warm and cozy as they are, synthetic materials like polyester and flannel trap dirt easily. Which is why at Furify, we manufacture our products with bamboo. As a fabric, bamboo has anti-static properties. It also has a smooth weave – threads lie flat against each other, so that fur doesn’t slip in and get trapped as easily. This makes it easy to clean.

That’s not all. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, repelling bugs and bacteria in the wild. This superpower remains even in fabric form. Combined with bamboo fabric’s moisture-wicking properties, what this translates into is a cleaner, more comfortable sleep for you and your pet.

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