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Surrounded by Surplus Packaging, But Can’t Bear to Throw It Away?

McKernan Packaging //April 1, 2024

Surrounded by Surplus Packaging, But Can’t Bear to Throw It Away?

McKernan Packaging //April 1, 2024

Did you know that over 90 percent of consumers say that recycling is important, yet less than a third of waste actually gets recycled?

People, in general, want to help the Earth and make life sustainable for generations to come. Our legacy is the land, resources, plants and animals for our children and future generations.

McKernan Packaging Clearing House has lead the way in the green movement with our Precycle® program, which is pre-consumer recycling. Over 63 years ago, Ed McKernan, who started The E.J. McKernan Co., saw surplus and overstock bottles, jars, closures and packaging components go to waste. He created an opportunity to take this excess packaging that was headed for a landfill and decided to purchase the first quality, unused packaging and resell it at a discounted price. Little did he know at the time, but he was a true pioneer.

Throughout the years, this program has helped numerous businesses by giving new life to packaging components that may have been headed to a landfill. Plus, precycling typically pays more than recycling because McKernan accepts packaging that is unbranded and unused, allowing it to be available immediately rather than being recycled into a completely new item. This program offers a way to recoup some of the initial cost, but more than anything, it frees valuable inventory space.

Our motto is “Precycle® First, Then Recycle”

McKernan can offer cash for unbranded/unused, surplus packaging such as:

Plastic Bottles • Metal Bottles • Glass Bottles • Jars • Tubes • Aerosol Cans • Caps • Container Lids • Continuous Thread Caps • Dispensing Caps • Metal Caps • Overcaps • Sprayers • Crimp Sprayers • Fine Mist Sprayers • Garden Sprayers • Regular Mist Sprayers • Triggers • Pumps • Tins and so much more!

When you need to clear inventory, call McKernan at 1-800-SURPLUS where we will pay cash for your surplus inventory. Plus, when you accept our offer, we will coordinate the shipping and pay all freight costs to move them out of your warehouse!

The process is simple; you can receive an offer within 24 hours after receiving your samples.


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