March 1, 2019

The term “cat nap” originated from cats’ known ability to sleep for designated periods of time. In fact, on average, cats can sleep between 12 and 16 hours a day or more. They are also known to sleep practically anywhere they see fit, even in tight spaces or positions that may seem uncomfortable, which makes for a sight that can be entertaining.

Because of this, many cat owners don’t see the need for a cat bed. However, there are many benefits to having a bed for cats.

Cat beds first and foremost provide cats with instant comfort. While they may be satisfied with the edge of their owner’s bed or even an empty box left out in the open, cats can have a sense of ownership with a bed just for them. Cat beds can also help manage arthritis and skin problems because they are specially designed to address these issues and more.

Additionally, not all cat beds are the same. For example, some cat beds are best for the colder months, while others are better for the warmer months. Providing cat beds that have temperature regulation will give kitties the comfort they need for the different seasons. Cat beds also lure felines away from furniture that pet parents want to keep them off of.

With these benefits and more, it’s important for manufacturers and retailers to dispel the common misconception surrounding cat beds. Explaining these benefits and having an assortment of cat bed types gives felines the optimal comfort to best suit their needs while also meeting the preferences of the consumer.

In addition to offering options that encourage a cat’s need for sleep, retailers can educate cat owners on proper sleep amounts and behaviors associated with sleep so they know when their cat is snoozing too much or too little.

These products come in a variety of colors, shapes and textures to provide cats with everything they need for a good sleep. And with features that meet the needs of consumers, pet parents can also be happy with what they provide for their feline.


mylap pet bedThe MyLap Pet Bed

The MyLap Pet Bed is shaped just like a lap, which allows owners to use any pair of soft pants as the bed cover. This adds the owner’s scent to the bed while providing the beloved pet with the comforting shape of their lap to keep them calm and decrease separation anxiety.



PLAY horizon collectionP.L.A.Y. Horizon Collection

P.L.A.Y. has expanded its popular Horizon Pillow Bed Collection by transforming the classic woven fabric into new, exciting shapes to include Pet Teepees and Chill Pads. Designed for easy set-up and ultimate comfort, these durable hideouts add a pop of color to any home, are constructed with natural pine wood poles and feature an ergonomic, washable foam inner cushion.



Purr Heaven Cat BedPurr Heaven Cat Bed

Even the most social cats instinctually crave a quiet spot to retreat from the bustle of busy life. Catering to the unique needs of cats, the Petlinks Purr Heaven Cat Bed is a therapeutic memory foam cat bed that supports joints and relieves pressure points. This high-backed cozy cat bed has a shredded memory foam cushion and is machine-washable for added convenience.



walking palm pet cavesWalking Palm Cat Caves

These cozy hideaways provide a comfortable sleeping and playing burrow for pets of all sizes. Furry friends will love the smell and feel of the all-natural, hand-felted New Zealand wool! Choose from a wide selection of fun colors, including two new colors, to complement home décor.





Messy-Cats-bed-with-EVERFRESHMessy Cats Beds with EVERFRESH

Messy Cats now offers two beds with EVERFRESH technology. The first is a standard cat bed with a reversible cushion, constructed with heavy-duty upholstery that is removable for easy cleaning. The second is the Cat Bed and House, a bed that can be converted into a comfy hideaway with its pop-up roof.



Petmate Kitty Zip MatKitty Zip Mat

Create an alternative hiding spot to the closet or under the bed for your cat. The soft and Microluxe plush on the inside of the tunnel area makes for a comfortable hiding place while a self-warming Mylar layer makes the mat warm and cozy. The Kitty Zip Mat reinforces cats’ natural instinct to crawl, burrow and escape through the other side. It is machine-washable and reversible.




Hot & Cold Pet BedHot & Cold Pet Bed

This one-of-a-kind therapeutic pet bed provides both cooling relief to an overheated pet and soothing warmth to a chilled or arthritic pet. The time-tested gel packs can be cooled in the freezer or warmed in the microwave. Each pet bed is constructed using a tough 1000 denier Cordura Nylon outer fabric, and the inside is made using a 10-ounce fiberfill batting. Each of the corners and pockets is protected using a 40-ounce truck tarp material, creating the ultimate chew- and scratch-resistant pet bed. Its pillow side provides relaxing multi-layered comfort.



Distinctly Him_Owl_Grey_Shimi_HRDistinctly Himalayan

Dharma Dog Karma Cat beds are handcrafted with a unique blend of lanolin-rich wools that are healthy for cats and safe for the planet. With more than 40 styles and colors, our beds fuse comfort, durability and design with environmentally sustainable production and socially conscious business practices.



Pet Acoustics Calming-Cat-BedSafe & Sound by Pet Acoustics

Pet Acoustics offers a line of vibration-cancelling products called Safe & Sound that create noise-cancelling environments for cats and other small pets. The cat bed, cat tunnel and cat crate liner are designed with patented sound-absorbing layers to resolve common stresses that felines feel in the home and during travel. The side pocket is made to insert a Pet Tunes speaker, which is sold separately.


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