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Pounce and Play

Pet Age Staff//June 25, 2019//

Pounce and Play

Pet Age Staff //June 25, 2019//

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Nothing grabs a cat’s attention like a toy. Engaging their inner hunting instincts, kitties love to pounce, chase, bat and gnaw their favorite toy. However, this reaction to toys is more than just their hunting instincts. In fact, this behavior is due to their unique vision.

It’s no secret that cats have better night vision than humans. And while it is intriguing to see their eyes glow in somewhat creepy ambiance, very few pet parents are going to be entertaining their kitties with toys during the dead of night.

A cat’s unique eye shape does give it vision capabilities that differ from ours, including a wider field of view and greater range of peripheral vision. This allows a cat to spot a tiny toy wiggling in the corner.

In addition, cats can detect a darting or fast-moving mouse or toy, yet many slow-moving objects that are easily noticeable to humans appear stationary to cats. This is why motion is more engaging and enticing to them.

Playing with cats is beneficial to their overall health. Toys provide their minds, bodies and eyes with exercise, relieve them of stress and anxiety, and strengthen the bond with their owners.

Manufacturers and retailers should express to pet parents looking for toys that they need to know the unique abilities of a cat in order to actively engage with them. This will also enable them to better find the right toy that will pique their cat’s interest the most.

These toys are made for fun and constant play. Each comes with an array of features, including colorful details, enticing catnip, engaging sounds and durable materials. And cat owners can be happy knowing the toy they are providing is high-quality, all-natural and doesn’t contain toxic dyes. Retailers should guide consumers to the various toy options available to help them find the ones that fit their cat’s needs, so all they need to worry about is getting their cameras ready to capture all the entertaining pouncing and playing.


Hauspanther Cat Toy Collection

These cat toys are as satisfying for cats as they are for people. Each toy encourages a different kind of play behavior—from stalking and pouncing to chasing and tossing—keeping cats active and entertained. The abstract shapes, unique textures and sophisticated modern colors make the toys look like modern art on a living room floor. Who says cat toys can’t be beautiful?




Karma Cat Toys

Karma Cat toys are made of lanolin-rich Himalayan wool to naturally attract and engage cats. Made in round and long shapes that keep cats active, our whimsical toys inspire independent play. Distinctly Himalayan uses safe, non-toxic dyes, and there are no synthetic micro-fibers that may be harmful if ingested.




GONEFISHIN_Ethical PetGone Fishin’ Cat Toys

Award-winning Gone Fishin’ are digitally printed realistic looking fish. Available in small size toys, larger “hug’n kick” size and teaser wands. Each lifelike fish contains irresistible catnip and crinkle inside. Cats will love to chase, hug and bat around these toys. Each item is available as three assorted fish.






Bead-N-Tease from WARE Pet Products is an all-natural wood teaser pole, perfect for games of “ground pursuit” or “aerial attack.” The flexible beaded wand holds a feather toy on the end and is compatible with all Cattachment toys.





DuckyWorld Products BananaYeowww! Chi-CAT-a Banana

This catnip banana is 100 percent stuffed full of premium, organically grown catnip. No cotton fillers, no plastic pieces and certainly none of that “toy grade” stuff. The fabric is high-quality cotton twill, strong enough to withstand biting, scratching and bunny-kicking. Yeowww! Catnip toys are handmade in the USA.




FUZZU teacup fluffs cat toys

Teacup Fluffs Cat Toys

Teacup Fluffs for cats are cute, super squishy and stuffed with top-quality, organic, U.S.-grown catnip. Each toy pops from its colorful packaging, which has an illustrated story on the back. They’re available in chipmunk, bunny and raccoon characters.






Jackson galaxy air prey copter wandJackson Galaxy Air Prey Copter Wand

Daily play with the Air Prey Copter Wand will engage raw cat instincts and build a stronger bond. It features a new cord that works with Jackson Galaxy Wand toys to move realistically and keep cats engaged. The new retractable button allows the cord to easily retract for storage.




Mad Cat KickersMad Cat Kickers

Mad Cat crinkly kickers are “purrfect” for kicking, cuddling and wrestling. They’re filled with a potent custom blend of all-natural catnip and silvervine for twice the cat attractants and twice the fun. The added crinkle inside each kicker creates enticing sounds with every kick and pounce.




VEE_PURRfect® - Glow N' The Dark Cat Toy


Glow N’ the Dark Cat Toys

The Vee PURRfect Glow N’ the Dark wand toy has a 32-inch clear, flexible wand and a 38-inch-long colored, reinforced satin cord. Its flexi-neck is patented for bounce and safety, and a rubberized surface resists puncture. The stuffed toys feature a rattle inside. The rubberized surface resists puncture.






Feline Frenzy Catnip Toy - All_1_High ResFeline Frenzy Cat Toys

P.L.A.Y.’s new collection offers eight different sets of enticing plush toys featuring crinkly paper and built-in refillable pouches that are pre-stuffed with USDA Organic catnip from Oregon. Inspired by the company’s popular collection of plush dog toys, this fun assortment of cat toys features a variety of engaging shapes and textures.


RompiCatz - NEW teaser picRompiCatz Cat Toys

RompiCatz offers such collections as Teaser Toys and Japanese Mylar Toys. Cats go wild for these fun and enticing toys, which allow pet parents to bond with their kitties while giving them the exercise and mental stimulation that they crave.