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Halo Continues Its “Do Good” Campaign at SuperZoo

Jason Kamery//July 24, 2013//

Halo Continues Its “Do Good” Campaign at SuperZoo

Jason Kamery //July 24, 2013//

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Halo, Purely for Pets, continued its “Do Good” for pets campaign at SuperZoo booth 824.

The booth is designed for retailers to learn more about Halo, its philanthropy programs and have the chance to give back to the community. Each day at SuperZoo retailers can stop by the booth to play games and win prizes. Each day participants will be entered into a drawing for a 5,000 meal donation of Halo Spot’s Stew from, winners will be presented at the booth.

“Our philanthropy booth exemplifies a key component of what makes Halo different, ” David Yaskulka, vice president of marketing and communications, said. “Our core philosophy is “Be Good, Do Good”. “Be Good” has to be with the quality of ingredients in  the formulas. The “Do Good” is something very special. We are Halo, Purely for Pets. We are for our consumers pets and we are for all pets. But our consumers are too. They care about their own pets and they care about all pets. They adopt one pet from a shelter they wish they could adopt them all. But when they buy Halo they know they are making a difference for a wide number for pets who don’t have the same advantages that their pets have.

“So here at SuperZoo we are showing how we partner with retailers to make a difference for pets in their own community. One of the best examples is a kibble drop where we take at least a five thousand meal donation, sometimes more, deliver it to a retail location and we have shelters in the community to pick it up. It’s an exciting community building event, it’s makings a difference for pets and it’s showing the community this is a retailer who really cares. It’s something the supermarkets are not doing, it’s something the discount stores are not doing, it’s something that exemplifies some of the best of what independent pet retailers are about.”

If they choose, visitors to the booth can make a donation to the Halo Pet Foundation and, in exchange, receive official Ellen Show merchandise and other gifts.

“Pet adoption is something I’m extremely passionate about. I believe that by working together, we can find good homes for the millions of homeless and abandoned pets out there,”  Ellen DeGeneres, co-owner of Halo, said.

The official kibble sponsor of, Halo donates 1.5 million meals to shelter pets each year. The company partnered with the U.S. Postal Service to donate 1 million meals to shelter pets in support of the Adopt a Shelter Pet stamp in 2010. Halo is also the sponsor of the first two episodes of the PBS special “Shelter Me,” in 2012 and 2013 (airing now), to inspire adoption of pets from shelters. Halo recently held a Pop-up shop, Halo City Tails – NYC to raise money for the Halo Pet Foundation and, in partnership with New York City retailers, give back to pets in need in the New York area.