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Featured: Category Creation: A New Era of Sustainability in Pet Nutrition

Marketing best practice is defined by dialing your product concept and brand positioning sufficiently to the right or left of center that an entirely new category is created. A category that you own and thus can define as state of the art, creating a unique opportunity to be No. 1 in a new business segment. […]

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Can Progressive Brands Achieve a Sustainable Pet Food Industry?

The relentless media coverage of climate threat impacts here and afar serves as a constant reminder that our food production system, pet and human, is a consequential contributor in an evolving existential threat to the planet’s (and our) long-term security and well-being.   This tsunami of media attention on sustainability and the climate impact of the […] Read More →

Environmental Impact: Consumers Value Sustainability in Pet Products

The environmental impact mankind has left upon our planet cannot be denied. From continued climate changes, to increases in severe and disaster-level weather, to ongoing air quality problems, it’s not an exaggeration to say that the fate of life on earth lies within our hands. And, while struggles continue at the national and international level […] Read More →

Sustainable Options: Drive Awareness to Importance of Recycling

Did you know that over 90 percent of consumers say that recycling is important, yet less than a third of waste gets recycled? People, in general, want to help the Earth and make life sustainable for generations to come. Our legacy is the land, resources, plants and animals for our children and future generations. However, […] Read More →

Address Workplace Whiners Before They Bring Down Team Morale

As business owners and leaders, we’re often told how important it is to listen to our employees and address their complaints quickly. However, how do you differentiate between a legitimate complaint and what’s just whining? A legitimate complaint is one that an employee can provide a specific, concrete example of and can express how the […] Read More →

The Benefits, Barriers to Achieving Pet Food Safety Certification

Pet food and treat manufacturers have a legal and moral obligation to implement and maintain food safety best practices to ensure that our furry friends are provided with only the safest and highest quality products. One way to verify that your organization meets these obligations is by obtaining a third-party audit. Many third-party audits are […] Read More →

Follow These Tips to Avoid Common Social Media Mistakes

As if running your business didn’t keep you busy enough, managing your social media presence is an added challenge many pet businesses struggle with. From deciding which social media platforms to focus on to determining what content to present and how often, many business owners feel overwhelmed and sometimes give up on social media, or […] Read More →

Pet Humanization: Consumers Go Deluxe With Their Pet Products

In almost every sense of the word, pets are our companions. They follow us through life, they share in our joy, they comfort us in our sorrow and they follow us through our daily routines. After living in a house with pets, it’s often hard to imagine going back to an existence without having a […] Read More →

Marketing Plans: Consumer-Minded Barriers Require New Approach

Consumer studies confirm repeatedly the same stat: Only about 14 percent of available consumers in any CPG food category, including the pet parent universe, are hardwired to try what’s new. Meanwhile, the majority of consumer prospects are reticent to challenge the fear in their minds over making a bad purchase decision. Consumers’ habits will be […] Read More →

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