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Featured: Pet Industry Mergers & Aquisitions: No Signs of Slowing Down

“We are having our best year ever.” “We can’t keep enough product in stock to satisfy demand.” “We just had another record month.” These are among the many quotes I hear from pet companies across all spectrums of our industry. While COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the health and finances of many Americans, it has […]

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Emotion Drives Consumers, Pet Brand Growth During Holidays

  For as long as I can remember, pet food marketing has primarily focused on product attributes and has been mostly centered on formulations, ingredient quality and percentages of nutrients. What if this is the wrong thing to do? Do those attributes really engage the audience intended to receive it? The holidays are a period […] Read More →

Turn Difficult Pet Store Customers into Sales, Repeat Business

Years ago, when I taught retailers how to handle difficult customers, the focus was on dealing with people who were angry or upset. These days, difficult behavior comes in many forms, often with subtle differences. Therefore, retailers and team members should get to know the types of difficult customers and learn the best approaches to […] Read More →

Retailers Can Find Value in Partnership with Supplier, Veterinarian

In our May article on the topic of on-site veterinarians, we looked at how a pet retailer’s ability to work with their local vet can help shape a symbiotic relationship that helps all parties in the area. However, what we didn’t anticipate was to hear from so many of our partner vets in support of […] Read More →

Consumers, Climate Change & Your Brand’s Carbon Footprint

When consumer sentiments and concerns start to shift, you want to be confident your strategic game plan is ahead of it – not behind trying to figure out how pet parent preference is already transforming your business.   A Sea of Change Media attention and visibility about the connection between food and climate impact is […] Read More →

Tips to Avoid Fleas and Ticks in Your Pet Store, Grooming Salon

Pet parents are constantly on the lookout for dangers to their pets, but some are so small you might not even notice them. External parasites, like fleas and ticks, are common problems, and depending on your location, you need to be extra vigilant. Education is vital in managing these issues, so here are some essential […] Read More →

Pet Age Supplements

Pet Age produces a variety of supplements throughout the year, that are of special interest to pet business owners and decision makers. To browse our supplements online please follow the link below...

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On-Site Veterinarians are a Bonus for Pet Retailers, Customers

Our focus, as members of the pet care industry, is and always will be the well-being of our animals. Whether you’re a store owner or breeder, wholesaler or supply expert, everything we do is in service to the animals that we care for and their loving owners. However, our care alone – no matter how […] Read More →

5 Easy Steps to Help You Delegate Like a Boss

From the day you hire your very first employee, your role as a business owner or manager changes. You suddenly go from “doer” to “leader of those who do” and it’s critical that you make that transition by delegating. However, if you’re like many leaders, you may struggle to let go of things you’ve always […] Read More →

Follow These Tips to Make Your Storefront Windows Bark

If you have storefront windows that are visible to pedestrian or auto traffic, you need to use this real estate to make a good first impression, promote your brand and sell your products! Do not take this space for granted. Here are seven ways to get your windows talking and selling:   THEME Come up […] Read More →

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