Featured: Pet Care Members Support Retailers During Pandemic

“We’re all in this together,” has been a rallying cry we’ve heard the past few months as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact not only the health of our communities, but businesses as well. However, for the pet industry, the concept of working together to serve the customer and help pet businesses survive has never […]

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Pandemic Puppies: Be the Expert in Puppy Training

With more time at home, many people are adopting or purchasing young dogs and asking “when should I start training my puppy?” Service dog trainers and responsible breeders start working with puppies when they are just three days old. Programs such as Puppy Culture, Early Neurological Stimulation and AviDog outline age-appropriate exercises to complete with […] Read More →

Florida Legal Woes: Matching Pets With Owners

With so much going on throughout the world these days, it’s hard not to be transfixed on the news. However, in between daily COVID-19 updates, analysis of the upcoming presidential election, and coverage of the nationwide protest movement, some significant reptile-based news has slipped in. And, most certainly, the new laws concerning reptile sales in […] Read More →

Your Brand is More Valuable Than Your Salary

Tom Brady may be football’s greatest all-time player. He has six Super Bowl wins, nine Super Bowl appearances and over a dozen other significant records. But you wouldn’t know it from his salary. Brady was the NFL’s 18th-highest paid quarterback in 2019, earning less than half of the Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson. His total earnings […] Read More →

Consumers Seek Safe Pet Food Packaging

  In 2019, the U.S. spent $36.9 billion on pet food and treats, according to the American Pet Products Association, and that figure is expected to grow in 2020 as pet owners are spending more for high-quality foods and premium packaging features. Today’s pet owners have the same expectations for pet food packaging as they do […] Read More →

Trainers Boost Business, Help Pet Parents

When we think about experts in the pet industry we often think of veterinarians. These doctors have years of schooling and experience treating medical conditions for our pets. However, there is often a team of people supporting the animals in our care. Think of dog trainers, pet sitters, dog walkers or, less commonly, dog massage […] Read More →

Pet Age Supplements

Pet Age produces a variety of supplements throughout the year, that are of special interest to pet business owners and decision makers. To browse our supplements online please follow the link below...

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HABRI Advocates the Human-Animal Bond

No matter where you are, the four words “in these uncertain times” seem to precede every commercial, every newscast and every other piece of media across the globe. True enough, in this brave new world of COVID-19, anxiety and fear seem to be the marching orders of the day. Finding ways to safely destress and […] Read More →

No 2020 SuperZoo? Adjust Your Focus

  Although it didn’t come as a big surprise, the postponement of SuperZoo until 2021 was nonetheless a disappointment for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Not only is SuperZoo one of the few times each year when industry friends get to meet up, it’s one of the prime opportunities for both large and small manufacturers to […] Read More →

Capitalize on Providing Expertise to Consumers

    Differentiation, unique shopping experience, memorable visit are buzz words brick and mortar (B&M) retailers hear often, yet do not always know how to make their store stand out. They may see competition growing, customers moving to online purchases without understanding what their retail store can do to win back loyalty. Some established retailers […] Read More →

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