Featured: New Mover Marketing Campaigns Create Loyal Customers, Boost Revenue

Implementing a new mover marketing campaign can help your pet business conquer the challenges it faces this year by adding new customers before they form loyalties with your competitors.  Small businesses that managed to weather the pandemic are facing an uphill battle. At least 34 percent of business owners are worried about generating enough revenue […]

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Customer Service: When Things Go Wrong, Your Response Matters Most

No matter what business you’re in, there will be times when things go wrong while serving your customers. From forgetting to process an order to selling a product that doesn’t meet the customer’s expectations, you’re going to let your customers down.  Customer service failures don’t have to define you. It’s how you respond to service […] Read More →

Animal Housing: More Pets Means Added Revenue for Retailers

In my Management columns, I’ve tried to hammer home one vital concept for any pet industry retailer: the sale of a given pet only represents the start of your relationship with a customer. That initial sale can lead to years of subsequent purchases, from food and bedding to new housing options to the purchase of […] Read More →

Flexible Pet Food Packaging Provides Benefits to Consumers, Industry

America has set a record in pet ownership thanks to the pandemic, topping 70 percent of all households according to the American Pet Product Association (APPA). Many people who did not have a pet went out and got one (or more) to cope with the enforced isolation we all endured. We are also spending more […] Read More →

Pet Parent Behavior: Revealing a Consumer’s Path to Purchase

Recent advances in behavioral psychology and neuroscience help us understand why most pet brand marketing efforts remain shots in the dark rather than strategic points of advantage on the path to purchase.  For the last 30 years, marketing for the most part has focused on logic — rational arguments and presentation of product features and […] Read More →

Help Wanted: The Pet Industry Can Drive Change, Save Lives

It can often be a sea of confusing information when it comes to animal welfare needs. One media headline stresses a looming crisis for shelter pets, while another espouses a dog shortage. Despite incomplete data and inconsistent conclusions, make no mistake, pets need your help. Annually, at least four million pets enter thousands of organizations […] Read More →

Create Marketing That People Want, Not That They Ignore

A key challenge to pet brand marketing effectiveness is how to build tangible uniqueness in a sea of sameness. Ironically, in an industry preoccupied with product-centric messaging, the secret to incremental share gains isn’t unlocked inside the bag or can. Here we reveal insights to unleash your business and brand from the hamster wheel of […] Read More →

Avoid Misleading Info: Proper Research is Key to Educating Consumers

  One omnipresent question for any store in this brave new age is: “How do you set yourself apart?” When an average consumer can just hop online and shop from any number of online storefronts, how does a single local store set itself apart and maintain a continued stream of happy, satisfied customers? There have […] Read More →

Recruiting Friends, Family Might Become a Hiring Mistake

Whether you’re just starting your business, or you’ve been a victim of the “Great Resignation” and have openings you need to fill quickly, it’s probably crossed your mind to consider hiring a family member or friend to either temporarily or permanently fill a gap. When I teach workshops on hiring, one of the most important […] Read More →

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