Pura Naturals Pet: Honestly Labeled

Alexandra Wepner//March 12, 2018//

Pura Naturals Pet: Honestly Labeled

Alexandra Wepner //March 12, 2018//

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Pet Age recently spoke with Beth Sommers, president of Pura Naturals Pet, to learn more about the products and find out what strategies the company has in place for 2018.

Q Are your products appropriate for animals that suffer from allergies?
A Because our products are USDA-Certified Organic and made in the USA, we know—and the consumer knows—exactly what is in each and every product. Our hypo-allergenic shampoo and conditioner are the perfect solution for pets with allergies. It is important to identify what those allergies are before trying any product. Animals have different PH than humans and are far more susceptible to skin irritations and rashes.

Q What is the difference between  natural, organic and USDA certified organic?
A Unfortunately, not all companies are honest and forthright about the chemicals and additives they use to make their products. That is why I believe so strongly in the USDA certification process. Every ingredient is checked, and all back up data is required. Anyone can put the words “natural” and “organic” on a bottle, but that does not in any way ensure that it is. I have found formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals, surfactants and additives in more than one or two shampoos. It is very upsetting, but until the pet industry is more closely regulated, the consumer has to be vigilant in checking the ingredients.

Q How do you support retailers who carry your products?
A We believe that our independent stores are our life’s blood. We do not currently sell to any big box stores. Our online retailers are all within our MAP agreement, which we closely monitor. We also support them with point-of-purchase displays as well as monthly promotions. We work very hard on providing detailed education pieces and in-store training if a retailer wishes to have us come in.

Q What new products are you planning to release in 2018?
A We have a new avocado based 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner, Flea and Tick Shampoo, and Foaming Waterless Shampoo for dogs and cats that are not fond of bath time or live in a colder climate. We are also very excited about our new and improved Healing Aid and an entirely revolutionary Dental Solutions Kit for Puppies, Adult and Senior Dogs. We partnered with RADIUS, a company that is very wellknown and respected in the human dental supply chain. Our toothbrushes are made in Pennsylvania and our toothpaste is USDA Certified Organic and is safe for your pet and the entire family. We have one other product, our Two-, Three- and Four-Step stairs that are made with the same technology that new mattresses are made with. We used recycled and repurposed foam that is cut, pressed and rolled for a much more space-saving and economical experience.

Q Pura Naturals Pet is known for its shampoos and conditioners. What other products don’t get the attention they deserve?
A Our individually packaged wipes are great for on-the-go travel with your pet. Our Paw Rescue and Nose Rescue are perfect for salt from the snow and ice and great for sun protection as well. Our ear cleansing system is even better now with our new double-sided, medical grade tips and our ability to offer double the amount of cleanser without raising the price. We have NO price increases for 2018 and we are very proud of our efforts to keep prices manageable.