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Dog Influx Creates Capacity Crisis at Halifax Humane Society, Call for Adoptions, Foster Homes

By Pet Age Staff//July 7, 2024//

Dog Influx Creates Capacity Crisis at Halifax Humane Society, Call for Adoptions, Foster Homes

By: Pet Age Staff//July 7, 2024//

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The Halifax Humane Society faces a critical challenge due to a surge of large adult dogs entering their shelter. This influx has pushed the organization to its capacity limit, prompting them to implement a three-point lifesaving plan and seek the community’s urgent support through adoption and fostering.

The plan offers significant incentives to make opening your home to a deserving dog easier than ever.

  • Adoption Advantage: All adult dog adoptions are currently free! Additionally, each adopted dog will leave with a six-month supply of heartworm prevention medication and a one-month supply of food. Browse adoptable dogs here.
  • Fostering with a Reward: The Society will compensate foster families $50 per week to care for an adult dog in their home for up to a month. This incentive jumps to a total of $250 if the foster family actively assists in finding a permanent home for their foster pup. Fostering families receive comprehensive support, including food, bowls, bedding, necessary medical care, a training crate, and all the love a furry friend can offer. Interested fosters can visit the shelter during adoption hours (noon to 6 p.m., seven days a week) to meet their perfect match.

“With 572 animals currently in our care, we have absolutely no space for more dogs,” said Sean Hawkins, CAWA, CFREE, CEO of the Halifax Humane Society. “When our veterinary and animal care teams reach their limits, and we have no safe housing available, we need the community to step up and help us save lives.”

Keeping Pets Home is Key

The lifesaving plan also encourages potential pet surrenders to explore other options.

“We’d rather support families in keeping their pets,” emphasized Hawkins. “This includes offering financial assistance for training, one-time vet bills, crates, or even fence repairs. Our priority is preventing overcrowded shelter conditions that can compromise animal well-being.”

The Halifax Humane Society is located at 2364 LPGA Boulevard, Daytona Beach, Florida. Visit its website or social media pages to learn more about adopting, fostering or donating to support its work.