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Pet Business & Innovation: Pet Connect USA for C-Suite Execs Connects the Global Pet Ecosystem

By Jodie Purser //July 2, 2024//

Pet Business & Innovation: Pet Connect USA for C-Suite Execs Connects the Global Pet Ecosystem

By: Jodie Purser //July 2, 2024//

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In today’s fast-paced pet market, finding the time to step away from the computer and engage in meaningful, face-to-face conversations is becoming a rare luxury. Business owners are finding it increasingly challenging to connect with individuals who can support and help their ventures thrive. The demanding nature of managing daily operations leaves little room for essential activities such as discussing potential partnerships with manufacturing companies, engaging with new investors, and pitching to ideal retailers. Consequently, the opportunities for these critical interactions often seem out of reach, hindering the growth and development of many businesses in the industry. 

In addition to the market facing time constraints, the pet ecosystem is undergoing a significant transformation, with growing consumer loyalty to pet care retailers and a notable shift towards online sales. By 2025, nearly half (47.5 percent) of all U.S. pet product sales are expected to be made online. Additionally, pet owners in the U.S. are projected to spend approximately $55,000 over their pets’ lifetimes, reflecting a substantial and sustained investment in pet care. 

Amidst these trends, events like Pet Connect USA have become crucial touchpoints for the industry. They provide a platform for market leaders to explore the challenges they face and strategize on navigating the increasingly competitive landscape. These gatherings are essential for fostering innovation, collaboration, and growth within the pet care sector. 

Formerly named Petcare Innovation USA, Pet Connect USA is set to return for its seventh year in Los Angeles, California, on December 3-5. This event will gather stakeholders from the entire global pet industry, including C-Suite executives and decision-makers from over 300 pet startups, investors, retailers, multinational corporations, corporate veterinary groups, regulators, and service providers. Renowned for fostering business deals and supporting even the most ambitious growth plans, the conference has established itself as a pivotal hub for innovation and collaboration within the pet sector. 

In 2022, startups such as Bruce’s Doggy Day Care, Project Blu and The Pack showcased their potential at the Best in Show Spotlight, seeking crucial funding. Their compelling presentations led to significant investments from two of the world’s leading retailers. 

“We actually met both of our investment partners at the event. Central Garden & Pet in the US and Pets at Home in the UK. The platform delivers and is a great place to meet investors in the pet world,” said Geryn Evans, CEO & Founder of Project Blu. 

These success stories highlight the event’s role as a premier networking platform, enabling startups to connect with key investors and secure the financial backing needed to drive their growth. 

This year’s edition will feature the renowned Best in Show Spotlight, along with a new addition: the ‘Innovation Day.’ This will include a reverse pitch session, where leading investment firms — ranging from angel investors to private equity and venture capitalists — will outline their criteria for their next startup investments. This new format aims to provide startups with valuable insights into what top investors are seeking, fostering stronger connections and better opportunities for securing funding. 

Over the course of the two main days, trailblazers from various sectors within the pet ecosystem will take the stage, discussing their strategies for navigating recent surges in demand and offering insights into their projections for the market’s evolution over the next decade. 

To submit your application for the Best in Show Spotlight, complete the form here. To purchase a ticket with an additional 10% discount, use code PETAGE 


Jodie Purser is the Senior Marketing Manager for the Pet Connect Series, produced by Kisaco Research. With eight years of experience in organizing events that connect markets together, she specializes in the pet care and healthcare industries.