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Making Gaines Family Farmstead: A Legacy of Quality, Dedication & Passion for Pets

By Pet Age Staff//July 3, 2024//

Making Gaines Family Farmstead: A Legacy of Quality, Dedication & Passion for Pets

By: Pet Age Staff//July 3, 2024//

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Gaines Family Farmstead is a name synonymous with high-quality, natural pet treats, and the company’s origin story is as remarkable as its dedication to excellence.

Founded in 2016, Gaines Family Farmstead began with a simple yet ambitious goal: to create wholesome, natural treats that pets love. Dewar Gaines, Founder/CEO and the driving force behind the company, laid the foundation for this vision in a humble, 100-degree, 700-square-foot barn, alongside his brother Paden and faithful dog Duke. Daily, the brothers hand sliced over 250 pounds of American grown sweet potatoes, to make about 40 pounds of “finished product.” It was here that Dewar’s commitment to quality and authenticity took shape. His dedication to using only the finest ingredients has been the cornerstone of the company’s philosophy ever since.

The decision to enter the pet business was driven by the Gaines family’s deep-rooted passion for dogs. Dog owners for over three generations, the Gaines family experienced a heartbreaking loss when a beloved dog succumbed to ‘rawhide poisoning’. This tragedy spurred them to create healthier, more natural options for their pets. After extensive research, they discovered the numerous health benefits of sweet potatoes for dogs and decided to develop their own line of nutritious, high-quality dog treats. Their goal is to share these wholesome treats with other dog lovers, ensuring pets receive the best possible nutrition and care.

“Our mission has always been to provide pet owners with treats they can trust, made with the same care and attention to detail that we put into everything we do,” said Dewar Gaines. “From the very beginning, we’ve been dedicated to creating products that not only meet the highest standards but also contribute to the health and happiness of pets.”

Gaines Family Farmstead’s product line, which includes such popular single-ingredient treats as the Sweet Potato Bone and limited-ingredient treats like the Salmon and Sweet Potato Filet, reflects this commitment to all-natural ingredients and meticulous craftsmanship. The company’s success is built on a foundation of transparency and integrity, sourcing its ingredients from trusted suppliers to ensure that every product is made with the utmost care.

As Gaines Family Farmstead continues to grow, the company remains committed to its founding principles. The legacy of hand sliced sweet potatoes in a sweltering barn lives on in every product, a reminder of the hard work and dedication that started it all.