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Pet Product Vendors: What First-Time Exhibitors Can Expect at SuperZoo 2023

By Lucy Caprez//August 1, 2023//

Pet Product Vendors: What First-Time Exhibitors Can Expect at SuperZoo 2023

By: Lucy Caprez//August 1, 2023//

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Are you excited to be vending your first time at SuperZoo this year? You should be. It’s a fantastic opportunity that can really help grow your business and build relationships within the pet industry. It’s the perfect place to make new friends and really feel like a part of this fast growing yet inclusive industry.  

As a first-time industry trade show vendor, there are several important things to keep in mind to make the most of your experience.  

First things first, do your research and plan ahead. Get familiar with SuperZoo’s theme, target audience and exhibitor guidelines. Don’t forget to create a detailed plan that includes your goals, budget, booth design, promotional materials and staffing needs. It’s all about being prepared. 

When it comes to your booth design, let your brand shine. Make it visually appealing and inviting with eye-catching graphics, signs and branding elements to grab people’s attention. You could even add interactive elements or demonstrations to engage visitors and leave a lasting impression. Think samples, games or anything else that gets people excited. It’s a great way to stay on their minds even after SuperZoo is over. 

Next is your elevator pitch and teaching it to your booth staff. Craft a short and snappy pitch that clearly shows off what makes your products or services unique. Highlight the benefits and practice delivering it with confidence and enthusiasm. You want to leave people wanting more. This is your moment to close your sale. There is no better time to close than when you have your customer’s ear and full attention so be prepared with order sheets and a clipboard or a sit-down space to take their order. Your chances to close a sale definitely lower as your customer walks away to explore other booths.  

If they do walk away, make sure you have plenty of promotional materials to give out. Brochures, business cards, samples and exclusive offers with time limits to create a sense of urgency — stock up because you won’t want to run out halfway through. Keep your branding consistent across all your materials and make sure they effectively communicate your unique selling points. Let your brand speak for itself. 

It’s no surprise that networking is key. Not only is it fun to chat with other pet industry enthusiasts, but it’s also a chance to make valuable connections. Talk to attendees, industry professionals and other vendors. Be approachable, attentive and take the initiative to strike up conversations. Don’t forget to exchange contact information and follow up with potential leads after the event. You never know where those connections might lead. 

It’s also essential to know your competition. Do research to get a good understanding of what they offer and how they position themselves in the industry. Highlight what sets your products or services apart and be ready to address any questions or concerns that potential customers might have. Show them why you’re the best choice on the market. 

When it comes to staffing your booth, make sure you have a friendly and knowledgeable team representing your company. They should be approachable, well-versed in your products or services and ready to provide top-notch customer service. Assign specific roles and responsibilities to maximize efficiency and keep everything running smoothly. 

Now, let’s talk about capturing leads. You’ll want to capitalize on every lead, so be sure to implement a system to collect visitor information. This can be done through QR codes, mobile apps or good old-fashioned business card collection. Once the event is over, follow up with those leads promptly. Strike while the iron is hot and you could turn potential customers into actual sales. 

Although working on a trade show is hard work and time seems to escape you at times, try to take advantage of the educational sessions, workshops and panel discussions offered during the day. They’re a great way to deepen your insights from industry experts, stay up-to-date on trends and expand your knowledge. Even if you have to have someone tend the booth while you are away. It’s normally well worth it. 

After SuperZoo wraps up, it’s time to reflect on the y gathering feedback from your team and evaluating the company’s performance. Identify areas where you can improve and take note of any lessons learned for future events. Measure your success based on key metrics such as lead conversions, brand visibility and the connections you made in the industry. 

Remember, participating in a trade show is an opportunity to showcase your brand, build relationships and gain exposure within your industry. With proper planning, engaging booth design and effective networking, you can make a memorable impact as a first-time vendor. 



Lucy Caprez is an inspirational leader committed to nurturing pet health through the best products and ingredients on the market, all while remaining conscious of sustainability to help the environment. With an innate ability to connect with others, Caprez is a leader in the pet industry and has helped create better customer relationships through social media, content marketing and public relations. She was a Pet Age Woman of Influence recipient in 2020.