Retailer Knowledge of Pet Wellness, First Aid Will Earn Them Customer Loyalty

Retailer Knowledge of Pet Wellness, First Aid Will Earn Them Customer Loyalty

Most pet parents will seek advice from a friend or retailer when facing a health issue with their pet. This is underscored by the fact many pet owners are apprehensive when it comes to treating wounds, sores, and other common issues animals (unfortunately) can experience. This presents an incredible opportunity for retailers to provide the personal touch needed to set their store apart and solidify customer loyalty.

It is critical for brick and mortar retailers to educate sales associates in the health and wellness/first-aid category. A knowledgeable staff can provide valuable advice to concerned pet owners and enhance the store experience for that customer. This helps solidify the trust their customers have in them.

Educating staff and increasing their knowledge in pet wellness and first aid is an excellent way for a retailer to differentiate their customer shopping experience. Pet parents have an option to shop in-store or buy online and much of that decision is based on product assortment and confidence in purchasing the right product for their pet. Most pet parents find their most difficult decisions are in food, supplements and first aid products. With the vast amount of information online (both good and bad), retailers can view this as an opportunity to be thought leaders in these categories.

For wellness and first aid categories, signage at the retail shelf can go beyond simply stating the product’s key selling points. We suggest that stores carry product brochures behind the counter and help educate their employees. Wellness and first aid product categories can be confusing to pet owners. A highly trained staff member available to discuss the best product options demonstrates your commitment to the in-store experience and can help set your store apart from the lonely world of online shopping.

Vetericyn Animal Wellness utilizes a hybrid approach to store staff and consumer education. It is important to offer point-of-purchase material to complement product offerings (shelf talkers, LCD video players) but offering staff trainings in the form of “lunch & learns” and 1:1 training go much further in developing your sales associate’s confidence in providing sound recommendations. Our Vetericyn sales managers are readily available to provide education to staff and be a continued resource for your customers. One invaluable tool we have is an online Retailer Portal that includes excellent resources and material on our products to enhance store knowledge and for sales associates to be much more confident in our line of products in wellness and first aid.

If a retailer takes a little time to educate their staff in the first aid category they could greatly enhance customer trust and, by extension, loyalty. First aid can be a stressful time for a pet parent and having a trusted resource to help with the right product and the right time will help your store stand out while also helping pets feel better.


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