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Portland Pet Homestyle Cat Meals: The Wet Cat Food Crisis Solution

Portland Pet Food Company//August 1, 2022

Portland Pet Homestyle Cat Meals: The Wet Cat Food Crisis Solution

Portland Pet Food Company//August 1, 2022

If you’ve walked down a cat food aisle over the past two years, you might have noticed something missing – cat food!

The confluence of events triggered by the global pandemic made worse by a massive uptick in adoptions has put an enormous strain on the global pet food supply chain with wet cat food products being impacted the hardest. However, one USA-based company, Portland Pet Food Company (PPFC), believes they’ve solved this problem with their newest line of products.

How Portland Pet Food Company Avoids These Challenges

Wet cat food supply has become strained since many products are imported, leaving many cans stuck at the ports waiting to be processed. This issue is furthered because most brands rely on aluminum cans, which has been hurt by raw materials shortages.

PPFC’s new Homestyle Meals come in two great flavors: Luke’s Chicken N’ Pumpkin and Boots’ Salmon N’ Pumpkin. Importantly though, they avoid these supply-chain issues in two key ways:

  1. They are entirely sourced and made in the USA. Thus, they don’t rely on importing, deal with port issues, or deal with global freight shipping.
  2. They come in a shelf-stable pouch, not a can. Just like Portland Pet Food Company’s Homestyle Dog Meals, these human-grade meals come in pouches, which don’t use aluminum.

Meeting Consumer Needs

Beyond being able to ensure products remain on shelf, PPFC’s new products are crafted for the modern cat owner. The new products, which are designed to be used as a topper, mixer or rotational meal, boast several attributes cat owners seek out:

  1. Nutritionally Dense: as consumers seek healthier options for their pets, these human-grade products are a perfect fit for the cat parent who refuses to compromise!
  2. Great Palatability: these meals are perfect for customers’ finicky feline friends as they are fresh and gently-cooked – maximizing taste and palatability and sure to appease even the pickiest cat!
  3. High Moisture: with a moisture max of 80 percent, this wet booster is ideal for customers looking to add moisture to their cat’s diet.
  4. Protein Rich: the meals use high-quality, single source proteins, and each boast a Crude Protein Min. of 13 percent.
  5. Unmatched Ingredient Quality: PPFC exclusively uses high-quality, whole foods such as Northwest, Wild-Caught Salmon and never uses anything rendered or artificial.

How To Find Them

PPFC will have their Homestyle Cat Meals on display and on sale at SuperZoo at booth 1981. For those not attending, you can buy from your current PPFC distributor, or reach out to PPFC directly at [email protected].

About Portland Pet Food Company

PPFC is a manufacturer of human-grade products for dogs and cats; in addition to the Homestyle Cat Meals, they make a line of human-grade dog food toppers and produce dog treats. PPFC sources and makes all its products in the USA and is focused on providing pets with superior nutrition by gently-cooking human-grade ingredients to ensure they retain their full nutritional value.



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