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Pet Food Labeling Changes are Coming; How Will Your Business be Impacted?

Pet Food Labeling Changes are Coming; How Will Your Business be Impacted?

Do you manufacture or market pet food products, including dog and cat food supplements, such as a multivitamin? Are you a veterinarian who recommends pet food supplements? Do you sell pet food products at retail? If you answered yes to any of these questions, be aware that significant changes are coming to pet food labelling, with rollout beginning in early 2024.


Have you heard of PFLM?

In 2015, the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) began its Pet Food Label Modernization (PFLM) project to update the Pet Food Model Regulations with the goal of improving consumer understanding when reading labels and bringing pet food labeling more in line with human food labeling.

The labeling changes apply to all food types for pets (dog and cat) and specialty pets such as complete food, treats, food supplements, and veterinary diets.

Key labeling changes include:

  • Required Intended Use statement on the principal display panel.
  • Mandatory Nutrition Facts box with nutrition information, like in human food labeling.
  • Consistent listing of ingredients.
  • Regulations for storage and handling instructions, when included.


The new model regulations will be published in the 2024 AAFCO Official Publication (OP). Until then, you can visit for helpful resources.

Each state will go through its own rulemaking process. In consideration of each state’s policies and the efforts industry will undertake to incorporate these label changes, AAFCO has recommended that states allow for a six-year transition period. Most states will allow this, although some may require earlier implementation.


How can veterinarians and retailers help?

As brands and companies adopt the labeling changes in coming years and two different label formats are seen in the marketplace, veterinarians and retailers can educate pet owners by explaining how the changes make labels easier to understand and assist pet parents in making informed product decisions for their pets.


Learn more with these resources!

It will be important that the changes are implemented correctly. The NASC is engaging in various activities to provide support to the animal supplement industry.

  • January – The NASC Compliance Team will provide guidance documents to NASC members to help them navigate correctly revising and creating pet food supplement labels.
  • January 22 – AAFCO will host a PFLM training workshop. Bill Bookout, NASC president, and Jennifer Gornnert, NASC compliance officer, serve on the AAFCO Pet Food Committee and will be participating as trainers at the workshop. Visit for more information.
  • February – The NASC Compliance Team, in cooperation with the American Pet Products Association (APPA), will host a PFLM training webinar.
  • March 21 – AAFCO Executive Director Austin Therrell will present an hour-long session summarizing PFLM during Global Pet Expo, beginning at 8:30 AM.
  • May 21-23 – The NASC Compliance Team will provide training, including information on PFLM, at the NASC Annual Conference at Innisbrook Resort in Palm Harbor, FL.


If you sell or recommend any pet food or supplements, you may benefit from attending one of these training sessions. Questions? Email [email protected].



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