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NutriSource: The Premier Producer of Pet Food, Treats & Toppers

NutriSource//August 1, 2022

NutriSource: The Premier Producer of Pet Food, Treats & Toppers

NutriSource//August 1, 2022

NutriSource Pet Foods, manufactured by third-generation, family-owned Tuffy’s Pet Foods, has been producing high-quality pet food out of Perham, Minnesota, since 1964. Over the years, one thing has always remained consistent, the commitment of providing top level nutrition in all products that carry the NutriSource brand name. This not only comes in the form of ongoing growth within existing lines but also through innovation and expansion into new lines and categories.

NutriSource’s innovation has been fueled by significant investments in increasing their manufacturing capabilities and expanding their manufacturing footprint in recent years, most notably the opening of their new treat plant in 2020 followed by the commissioning of their new cannery in 2022. These new internal manufacturing capabilities have opened the doors wide open on the growth potential of the brand. Allowing more flexibility and increasing the speed at which they can get products to market. NutriSource is now proudly manufacturing all of their own kibble, soft & moist treats and canned wet pet food.

The past couple years have been a testament to the innovation and growth NutriSource is striving for launching several new product lines including NutriSource Element Series kibble, NutriSource PureVita wet dog TetraPaks, NutriSource Come-pooch-a bone broth toppers and NutriSource SuperStars training treats.

NutriSource Element Series offers an advanced diet for canine companions. Featuring recipes containing at least 83 percent animal protein supported by their proprietary Good 4 Life+ system optimized for high animal protein diets through the inclusion of NVGEN designed to optimize the microbiome necessary for full utilization of a high animal protein diet.

NutriSource PureVita’s newest wet dog food items feature both stews and pate-style options available in a TetraPak carton. All eight protein heavy, low carbohydrate diets are single source animal protein, limited ingredient diets and feature their proprietary Good 4 life system that is core to all NutriSource kibble and wet diets.

Inspired by kombucha, Come-pooch-a is a savory, meaty bone broth topper that’s packed with activated postbiotics from fermentation product, supporting hydration and digestion in dogs. Its aroma and flavor tempt picky and stressed dogs to eat their kibble.

Lastly, NutriSource SuperStars Training Rewards are a nutritious treat with a purpose. One hunder percent of profits are donated to organizations bettering the world through the human-animal bond. Beyond the opportunity to contribute to some amazing causes, these treats maintain a focus on nutrition with each treat being less than three calories (available in chicken, beef, bacon and cheddar).

The growth and innovation isn’t stopping there. NutriSource is planning to launch several new products by the end of 2022/beginning of 2023 in multiple categories to continue to meet the ever-changing needs of the pet owners everywhere.

NutriSource also understands the past success of the brand and future growth wouldn’t be possible with the support of independent pet and neighborhood retailers. And because of that support, NutriSource has remained steadfast in their commitment to this channel. NutriSource is excited for continued growth with their retail partners and remains focused on providing products and support retailers can depend on.


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