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NutriSource Pet Food Grows With Freeze-Dried Raw Diet Launch

Tuffy's Pet Foods//April 4, 2023

NutriSource Pet Food Grows With Freeze-Dried Raw Diet Launch

Tuffy's Pet Foods//April 4, 2023

NutriSource Pet Foods, manufactured by third-generation, family-owned Tuffy’s Pet Foods, has been producing high-quality pet food out of Perham, Minnesota since 1964. Over the years, one thing has always remained consistent, the commitment of providing top level nutrition in all products that carry the NutriSource brand name. This not only comes in the form of ongoing growth within existing lines but also through innovation and expansion into new lines and categories.

Tuffy’s have made significant investments to expand their manufacturing footprint in recent years, which has fueled the innovation for NutriSource. Notable investments included the opening of a new treat plant in 2020 followed by the commissioning of a new cannery in 2022. These new internal manufacturing capabilities have opened the doors wide open on the growth potential of the brand. Allowing more flexibility and increasing the speed at which products can get to market.

The past couple years have been a testament to innovation and growth NutriSource is striving for with the launching of several new product lines, including NutriSource Element Series kibble, NutriSource Come-pooch-a bone broth toppers, NutriSource SuperStars training treats and the expansion of their NutriSource wet diets.

The next exciting product coming from the expansion of the brand’s Element Series line in the form of freeze-dried raw diets. NutriSource Freeze-Dried will be offering Raw Bites available in two-ounce and 10-ounce offerings and Raw Sliders available in a 20-ounce size with three flavorful recipes (Beef & Lamb, Chicken & Duck, Turkey & Venison). All recipes are packed with protein with at least 90 percent derived from animal sources and specially formulated with the NutriSource Good4Life+ System optimized for high animal protein diets offering the best elements of nature, freeze dried to preserve nutrients and flavor. Use it as a nutrient boosting topper, a deliciously healthy treat, or feed as full meal as all recipes are complete and balanced diets.

Growth of the Element Series line isn’t stopping there. NutriSource is currently working on new grain free kibble recipes in their Element Series dog line as well as launching a full line of Element Series kibble and cans for cats.

NutriSource also understands the past success of the brand and future growth wouldn’t be possible with the support of independent pet and neighborhood retailers. And because of that support, NutriSource has remained steadfast in their commitment to this channel. NutriSource is excited for continued growth with their retail partners and remains focused on providing products and support retailers can depend on.


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