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Jones Natural Chews Debuts Stuffed Product Additions at Global Pet Expo

Jones Natural Chews//March 1, 2023

Jones Natural Chews Debuts Stuffed Product Additions at Global Pet Expo

Jones Natural Chews//March 1, 2023

Jones Natural Chews will debut additions to their much celebrated stuffed product line at Global Pet Expo 2023 in Orlando, Florida. New to the 11-year-old line are a seven-inch bare bone, available exclusively in the Peanut Butter Flavor, and a Lamb Flavor Filling that’s available exclusively in the four-inch bare bone.

“Our stuffed product line saw two great new flavor additions in 2022 (pumpkin and sweet potato), and with the continued demand for stimulating, versatile products we felt that expanding the selection would be beneficial for our customers,” said president Laura Jones.

Jones strives to be the go-to resource for dog owners looking to surprise, spoil and treat their pup. Pet parents looking to bring home something extra special for their dogs can trust Jones to deliver real meat products that range from special occasion items like their best-selling beef dino bone (beef femur) to the everyday rewarding treats like sausages, jerkies and patties.

Stuffed bones are classic dog chew, that help keep dogs’ teeth free from tartar and plaque build-up, while the filling makes for a fabulous 2-in-1 treat that tastes delicious and provides oft needed mental stimulation, to stave off the type of boredom than can lead a dog to destructive chewing.  These bones are individually hand-filled which ensures high quality measures are met and are available in an array of packaging options, so store owners are able to make a selection that fits best with their stores’ needs.

In addition to the stuffed product line growth, Jones is also introducing its Premium Chew Stick at Global Pet Expo. This is premium chew offers 32-plus inches of smoky, meaty snack. Available in both Beef and Chicken flavors, this item is sure to catch eyes in any pet store. Dogs will love that real meat is the first ingredient, because they can taste the difference. Pet parents will love that it is large enough to last through several rewarding sessions.

All Jones Natural Chews bones, chews and treats are hand-crafted from natural ingredients that are raised and sourced entirely from USA farms, in our facilities in the mid-west.

To learn more about Jones Natural Chews and our products and processes visit or stop by and visit our Global Pet Expo booth 829.

Jones Natural Chews History

The Jones history as meat cutters and butchers in the U.S.A. can be traced back 16 decades. Each new Jones generation was trained in meat cutting and passed down the family tradition. The best cuts of meat also produced the best bones and naturally baked dog chews. The first baked dog chews were marketed to the public in 1987, with the dog treat line officially established in 1991. Over the years, Jones Natural Chews has carefully developed many types and sizes of chews and treats for all size dogs, never wavering from their commitment to source all natural ingredients, entirely from the U.S.A.



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