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Earn Loyal Customers by Prioritizing Quality Pet Health Products

NASC//September 1, 2023

Earn Loyal Customers by Prioritizing Quality Pet Health Products

NASC//September 1, 2023

A recent search for the term “dog supplements” on an e-commerce website netted over 4,000 results and the term “cat supplements” returned over 3,000 results. With such a tremendous number of products available in the category, how do you as a retailer decide which products to stock in your store?

The short answer: Make quality a priority.

It’s easy to be influenced by beautiful packaging and compelling claims, but loyal customers and repeat purchases are earned when a customer’s pet responds positively to a product based on the reason it was purchased and the customer comes back to your store to repurchase.

To achieve this outcome, the product must be produced consistently lot-to-lot, batch-to-batch, time after time. It’s important to understand how this level of quality is achieved:

  • Quality pet supplements begin with quality raw materials that are tested and verified for identity, strength, potency, purity, and composition.
  • Written Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) must be followed as the raw materials are blended and made into the finished product.
  • Finished product testing verification is imperative to ensuring manufacturing is being performed properly, written procedures are being followed, and the finished product meets label claim.

After you are satisfied that the products are produced to meet the quality standards you expect, you can ask all the other questions: Who formulated the product? How long has the company been in business? Price, terms, delivery, etc. But always verify quality standards first and then ask the other questions.

When selecting supplements, look for third-party, independent quality audits and ask to see the current certificate or quality mark that helps to ensure the supplier’s quality processes have been independently verified.

One such mark is the yellow NASC Quality Seal, a credible and trusted symbol found on thousands of supplements for dogs, cats, and horses. NASC members earn the Quality Seal by passing a rigorous third-party audit every two years and maintaining ongoing compliance with NASC’s quality requirements.

NASC member companies are responsible suppliers of supplements for dogs, cats, and horses that are committed to elevating the industry and continually improving the quality of these products consumers rely upon to help their pets live long, healthy, happy lives.

Representing roughly 90 percent of the industry, NASC members share a vision for a system of transparency, collaboration, and the implementation of best practices, which results in successful self-regulation that bridges the gap between what the law requires and what consumers demand.

Click HERE to view the full list of companies and brands that have earned the NASC Quality Seal.


Three Takeaways on Quality that are Always True:

  1. Claims that sound too good to be true probably are. There are no magic bullet products.
  2. Cheap products are usually cheap for a reason. If you compare products and the ingredients appear similar, but one is significantly less expensive, ask why. Quality ingredients and responsible manufacturing cost money.
  3. Trust but verify. Don’t ever assume quality!



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