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Skout’s Honor Pet Products Deliver ‘Love in a Bottle’

Glenn Polyn//March 1, 2021//

Skout’s Honor Pet Products Deliver ‘Love in a Bottle’

Glenn Polyn //March 1, 2021//

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Skout’s Honor is an award-winning company based in Oceanside, California, that offers everyday pet essentials including stain and odor, grooming, wellness, training and sanitizing products.

Founded by a team of animal lovers and proud pet owners, Skout’s Honor’s pet products are available in thousands of pet specialty retailers across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Chile, India, Panama, Korea, New Zealand and South Africa. Pet Age recently spoke with Jenny Gilcrest, the company’s vice president of marketing, to learn more about the brand on its five-year anniversary.


With this year marking Skout’s Honor’s five-year anniversary, how do you see the pet industry having changed over the years?

So much has changed in five years, most notably over the last 12 months…but despite the obvious shifts, challenges and ongoing growth within the pet industry, we are proud to have remained loyal and committed since day one to supporting and ensuring the success of our retail partners. From our stringent MAP policy, to being a pet specialty exclusive brand, Skout’s Honor takes its loyalty to this industry very seriously, and we do everything we can do demonstrate that. The year 2020 provided the unexpected opportunity to support our pet retailers in new ways. We were able to supply much-needed inventory to fill shelves when other brands could not, and we also were able to fast-track several entirely new products in order to meet our customers’ needs.


What does a Skout’s Honor product represent?

We say our products are “Love in a Bottle.” Through our environmentally and socially conscious solutions, we solve everyday problems for pets and pet parents so that they can spend more time enjoying life together and less time worrying about the messy stuff. Our innovative probiotic grooming and wellness products have proven to be truly life changing for pets who suffer from chronic skin conditions. So by using Skout’s Honor products, pet parents are able to provide a loving, highly effective solution that allows their animal to live their best, happiest life! We have set the bar for what is capable for everyday pet essentials.


What criteria does Skout’s Honor use to determine its product development?

We first ask ourselves – what problem can we solve for pets and pet parents in a new and innovative way? Can we do it better than what is currently available? Then we work to curate and source earth-friendly, safe, high-quality ingredients to ensure a high-performance, premium product. Every product we decide to make must represent a unique way to make life better for pets and the people who love them.


Why was it important for Skout’s Honor to design a flea and tick product?

All of our product development is rooted in meeting our customers’ need or industry demand. We started out as a natural cleaning brand that made better, faster, stronger stain and odor solutions for the pet industry and, since then, have expanded into all pet essential categories including grooming, wellness, sanitation and training. Flea and tick is an important addition for that trajectory.


What philanthropic causes are important to your brand?

From inception, we always knew that a giving back component would be a pillar for the Skout’s Honor brand. And as a company built by pet parents and animal lovers, we have a heart for supporting rescue organizations who care for and rehabilitate adoptable pets. We have partnered with the Rescue Bank, and our support helps get much-needed food to animals in need throughout their network of rescue organizations. Through our partnership we created the Skout’s Paw Pledge, which represents a day’s worth of meals for an animal in need with every product sold (buy a bottle, feed an animal). To date, we have fed more than 6 million animals in need