Science & Technology: ALL-IN Multi-Functional Dog Supplements

Glenn Polyn//May 1, 2022//

Science & Technology: ALL-IN Multi-Functional Dog Supplements

Glenn Polyn //May 1, 2022//

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Backed by eight patents, Vetericyn’s ALL-IN is a clinically proven, life-stage dog supplement that combines a proprietary delivery system that gets ingredients absorbed into the cells. It contains the essential building blocks dogs need at their particular life stage to promote digestive, cellular, bone, mental and immune health.

To learn more about the science and technology behind ALL-IN life-stage dog supplements, Pet Age contacted Dr. Sreus Naidu, PharmD, MS, who has coordinated the launch of several supplements into markets in over 30 countries. He specializes in research, development and commercialization of novel health technologies.


Vetericyn’s ALL-IN life-stage supplements for dogs were developed to be unique from anything else in the marketplace. What makes this product line so different? 

ALL-IN uses a patented technology that maximizes the absorption of nutrients at the cellular level through the natural process of endocytosis. This “active transport” mechanism is specific, rapid and efficient; it helps to move key vitamins, minerals and nutrients into the body and to target cells so they can be utilized. This absorption system, which is built into each ALL-IN formulation, enables us to deliver specific health benefits that are tailored to a dog’s respective life stage. No other canine supplement offers such customized life-stage support or contains this patented absorption technology. 


Why is supplementation specific to a dog’s life stage so important? 

Dogs have different physical, cognitive, digestive and even metabolic needs throughout their life. When we take the time to understand the inherent needs of canines as they go through each life-stage, we can properly promote their health, performance and life expectancy. We designed ALL-IN to be a multi-functional formula that supports the healthy transition of a canine through the challenges of each stage of life — from puppyhood to their golden years. ALL-IN provides comprehensive support to reinforce puppies as they grow, recharge adult dogs as they perform and restore senior dogs as they age. ALL-IN is backed by multiple patents, clinically validated and contains ingredients from all-natural sources. 


If puppy, adult and senior dogs all need their own supplement formulas, is it just a matter of using different vitamins and minerals? 

It’s a bit more complex than just vitamins and minerals. ALL-IN was created to meet a dog’s age-related health needs and contains proprietary life-stage specific complexes plus, an exclusive absorption technology. This combination ensures ALL-IN to deliver the right nutrition, in the right amount, to the right place, to best support dogs as they age. For example, the ALL-IN Puppy formula contains a patented Neuro-Complex for cognitive health because brain development is highly active and critical during this early life stage. In contrast, the Senior formula is more focused on bone and joint health and contains a patented Musculo-Skeletal Complex to reinforce strength and support mobility; it also contains a metabolic booster that helps maintain energy levels in a dog’s advanced years. 


There are several bioactive complexes in each life-stage formula that focus on different parts of the body and contain ingredients that aren’t commonly seen in other dog supplements. What exactly is the “secret recipe?” 

We all recognize the importance of a well-balanced diet — this applies to dogs as well. Food provides energy and basic building blocks to support life and well-being. Many of these basic building blocks, such as minerals and certain vitamins, are not made in the body and can only be acquired through diet or supplementation. For example, calcium and vitamin A are necessary for life but can only be sourced outside the body; they must be consumed and then utilized by the body. There are also certain innate regulatory molecules, such as lactoferrin and insulin, that are continually produced inside the body; they help break down, transport and utilize these basic building blocks to support vital bodily functions. 

Dr. Narain Naidu is a pioneer in the research of such innate regulatory molecules, collectively known as “bio-replenishments,” and has studied them for over three decades. While aging, the levels of bio-replenishments naturally decline in the body. Other factors such as excessive stress, poor diet, disease can also cause an imbalance in bio-replenishments. ALL-IN is a breakthrough supplement that incorporates these bio-replenishments into life-stage specific bioactive complexes. These bioactive complexes are combinations of innate regulatory molecules together with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients required for optimal function of each bodily system. Simply put, ALL-IN is the first and only multi-functional life-stage supplement for canines, not merely a multi-vitamin or mineral supplement.   


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