Pawse: CBD Brand Mission is to ‘Improve the Lives of Pets, Daily’

Glenn Polyn//January 1, 2022//

Pawse: CBD Brand Mission is to ‘Improve the Lives of Pets, Daily’

Glenn Polyn //January 1, 2022//

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The pet cannabidiol (CBD) category continues to be a hot-button sector with products coming in a variety of forms and for a wide-range of health issues. Pet Age recently spoke with Pawse co-founder Matt Frazier to find out how he and Bradley Kerrick have been navigating the crowded pet CBD market. 


What inspired you to get into the pet CBD market 

After co-founding and starting a hemp CBD extraction lab and production facility with a partner [Kerrick] and seeing the benefits of CBD first hand, I decided to add CBD to a supplement that I was already using to provide my aging lab/bloodhound mix rescue dog, Mongo, with the same relief that I had experienced myself. The results of this product combined with our organic CBD hemp extract were profound and his quality of life was drastically enhanced. 


How did you come up with your first supplement? 

The first supplement was the aforementioned Hip & Joint Gravy we currently sell. Although we have improved upon the original recipe, most of the ingredients are the same. That recipe is the product of countless hours of research into products and supplements that have been shown to improve the quality of synovial fluid and connective tissue in joints. I was amazed at how much it reduced Mongo’s discomfort and improved his mobility and quality of life. 


What can you tell us about your supplement research? 

I have been working with animals most of my life. I started working with performance horses when I was 8 years old and when I decided to make a career of working with horses at age 20, living in Kentucky, the natural avenue was training race horses. In the 19 years I have trained race horses, I have come to specialize in rehabilitating horses after injuries and bringing them back to the track often to perform at a higher level than before their injury. We have had two different world record holders, a national champion and an all-time leading money earner. All of these horses accomplished these feats after multiple surgeries that would normally end or dramatically abbreviate a race horse’s career. This is largely due to a supplement regiment that eventually became the combination of ingredients that goes into every bottle of Hip & Joint Gravy.  


What should retailers know about Pawse? 

After seeing the state of the pet CBD market, and with a very intimate understanding of CBD farming and extraction, we realized that there was a need for safe, reputable, human-quality CBD products for pets. Having known each other and been good friends for years, we realized that our individual skill sets combined with our shared love of our own pets and animals in general put us in a unique position to bring great products and a great pet wellness brand to the market. From a product development standpoint, we have three critical components that every product must adhere to:  

Palatable: if the pets won’t consume the products, effectiveness is insignificant 

Effective: the product must have specific and profound benefits that improve the quality of life for pets 

Healthy – all-natural, minimal ingredients 

From a product distribution standpoint, our strategy is to partner with service-oriented retailers & distributors that take a consultative approach with their customers, in an effort to truly help them find the most appropriate products for their pet’s needs. We have discovered that this produces the best outcome for the customers, retailers and manufacturers alike. This has led to loyal, trusting customers and healthier pets. The motto we live by is “Healthy Pets Make Happy Humans.”  


What can we expect next from Pawse? 

We started exclusively as a pet CBD company. From the outset, our mission has been to “Improve the lives of pets, daily.” We have certainly been able to accomplish this mission thus far with the CBD products we have developed. However, we have developed and will be launching many innovative non-CBD pet wellness products that are tremendously beneficial. These new non-CBD products adhere to the same guidelines as our current products on the market in that they are all palatable, effective and healthy. 



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