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More Than a Bowl

Pet Age Staff//August 16, 2019//

More Than a Bowl

Pet Age Staff //August 16, 2019//

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In 2018, 89 percent of 500 U.S. cat owners surveyed by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) purchased some sort of water and/or food bowl for their cat, according to the organization’s 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey. And out of 444 surveyed cat owners, 44 percent have bowls made of plastic, 35 percent with bowls made of stainless steel and 31 percent with bowls made of ceramic. Additionally, nearly one-quarter of all cat owners who buy bowls take into account the price, the height of the bowl and whether it is dishwasher safe, non-spill and non-slip.

There is no doubt that quality matters to cat owners when it comes to what their feline friends eat and drink from. And the trends don’t stop there. Features like environment-friendly, BPO-free and non-toxic are also at the forefront of consumers’ minds, especially the younger generation cat owners. The days of a basic bowl are gone, as consumers want only the best for their felines. That’s why it’s important to be aware of exactly what cat owners want for their cats and have those products readily available for them.

These bowl products feature a spectrum of materials and colors, and each one has its own set of unique features. No tipping, disposable, durable, hygienic are just some of the features these bowls have to offer. Some are even designed to reduce whisker sensitivity and stress. A wide selection of products like these that cater to the needs of cats and their owners is beneficial in knowing the most up-to-date trends and features that matter most to them, allowing you to continuously provide them with quality service and maintain a bond that lasts for years to come.

cute cat pet bowl


Cute Cat Pet Bowl

A charming kitty made of iron holds the two stainless steel food dishes that make up this diner, perfect for water and food for pets. Each bowl is five inches by five inches by one inch high, and the item weighs just over six pounds.


Dr. Catsby's BowlsDr. Catsby’s Bowls

Dr. Catsby’s Bowls are a simple and safe solution to help prevent whisker fatigue. The wide but shallow shape of the bowl provides easy access to food without pulling back the cat’s whiskers and causing discomfort. The stainless steel finish helps to protect against wash-proof bacteria. Its clean, simple design is a cinch to wash and will fit in a variety of decors.


Platinum Pet non-tip bowlsNon-Tip Pet Bowl

The beauty of each Platinum Pets Non-Tip Pet Bowl goes beneath its brilliant surface. The proprietary powder coating process transforms the high gauge stainless steel bowl into one that is beautiful as well as scratch-, chip- and fade-resistant. Each bowl is finished with a long-lasting silicone ring at the base to prevent skidding and tipping. True Sizing Technology will ensure the pet is getting the proper amount of food for optimum fitness and health.

Klean Bowl group with Logo

Kleanbowl by Kinn, Inc.

Disposable bowls decrease the risk of disease for pets and owners. The steel bowl frame holds a biodegradable, disposable and compostable bowl and is weighted to prevent tipping. Low profile provides easy access while keeping substrate out of bowl. The product comes with three refill bowls; refill packs available.


drive takeaway bowlsDrive Takeaway Bowl

Constructed from durable Ripstop Nylon, the Drive Takeaway Food Bowl provides convenient emergency food access that’s travel sized to stow in a vehicle or backpack and includes a drawstring closure to prevent spilling and keep food fresh. It features a waterproof lining and is available in two sizes.



nature series by indipetsNature Series by Indipets

These extremely durable bowls are made from mango wood. They’re easy to clean, hygienic and bacteria resistant. The Nature Series bowls bring the sophistication of natural wood to your pets’ dinner, naturally suited to everyday use. Each piece is given a clear seal finish. The pieces are available in three sizes: small, medium and large.


the small pet feeder


The Small Pet Feeder

The Small Pet Feeder is an automatic, programmable food dispenser that enables cats (and small dogs) to maintain healthy and consistent diets, even when their owners are away from home. Using the backlit LCD display, pet owners can set meal times and quantities of food. While the Small Pet Feeder will dispense a maximum of 12 servings per day, amounts may be customized based on the pet’s needs. To enhance human-animal bonding, owners may record a 10-second voice message inviting their pets to eat.




Messy cats Double Silicone Feeder 1Messy Cats Double Silicone Feeder

The non-slip silicone base prevents damage to floors and holds two stainless steel bowls in place for cats. It also contains any further messes with the wide lip and raised edge border. Made from FDA approved food grade silicone, it is also stain and odor resistant.





Pioneer pet rose gold raindrop fountainRose Gold Raindrop Fountain

Pioneer Pet’s Special Edition Raindrop Fountain has a sleek, modern design. This fountain is 100 percent stainless steel with anodized coating. It features quiet flowing water to attract pets to the bowl. Easy to clean and replaceable charcoal filters create clean, healthy water.




Eco-Friendly Pet Dish in Three ColorsEco-Friendly 2-in-1 Pet Dish

Eco-Friendly Pet Dish is a 2-in-1 cat or dog bowl that can be taken anywhere. It’s perfect for camping, hotel rooms and even a picnic at the park! It snaps together for easy travel and it doesn’t absorb odors. The best part of this Eco-Friendly Pet Dish is it’s BPA free, non-toxic and made out of plant-based material, which makes it completely biodegradable. Available in three colors: Baby Green, Baby Blue and Baby Pink.


Petmate Oval BowlThe Oval Bowl

The Oval Bowl is great for cats that are susceptible to whisker sensitivity or whisker stress, which causes them to not eat, because the flatter and wider bowl mimics the shape of whiskers, which helps reduce stress. The stainless material helps reduce the risk of bacteria, which causes chin acne, and the slight wall incline prevents messes. The bowl holds three ounces of canned food for your cat.




Petrageous Fiji Stainless SteelFiji Bowl

Fiji non-slip stainless steel bowls in white-late blue are a perfect mix of function and style. The non-slip TPE is designed to prevent the bowls from slipping or scratching while offering a unique and modern look. The TPE hugs the exterior of these bowls offering a sleek and decorative pattern.


Green Pet Shop bamboo bowlsBamboo Bowls

Look and feel like the strongest plastic bowl but without the drawbacks of plastic. Machine washable, sturdy and will not leach. Specially designed so that water collects towards one end, making it easier for pets to drink from. Interchangeable for either food or water, although it’s recommended to use the square bowl for food and the angled bowl for water.