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Medicinal Purposes

Rebekah Harrison//May 31, 2015//

Medicinal Purposes

Rebekah Harrison //May 31, 2015//

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Customers are taking their beloved pets’ health into their own hands. More than 10 percent of pet owners buy supplements and vitamins to help create a longer and happier life for their canine and feline companions.

When shopping for supplements, consumers want an all-natural line to aid in everything from digestion to joint pain to anxiety to thicker, fuller fur.

Sprays and Balms That Calm

Earth Heart Inc. is all about aromatherapy. Products like Canine Calm use pure essential oils to help dogs relax during unsettling times, while Guard Well helps soothe irritation by being directly applied to a pet’s skin.

“We use pure essential oils and nothing synthetic,” said Vicki Rae Thorne, president and founder of Earth Heart Inc. “We are using plant-based ingredients, so that’s what makes them natural.”

According to Thorne, everything Earth Heart makes is based on solid aromatherapy research and practice. She has been blending ingredients for 23 years now.

“The mists that we make are diluted and ready to use,” she said. “They are safe enough to reapply every ten minutes if you need to.”
So what makes these mists all natural and 100-percent safe?

“It’s the fact that pure essential oils are extracted from plants,” said Thorne. “There’s nothing synthesized in a lab. The oils that are found in aromatic plants have incredible medicinal properties.”

Earth Heart products are very well received. The four different oils currently available have garnered lots of testimonials from happy, return customers.

Lumino Wellness formulas replace toxic chemicals with effective organic, naturally-occurring and wildcrafted ingredients. The company’s DogGone Calm Balm uses aromatherapy to help calm anxious pets. The easy-to-apply ointment contains 100-percent natural ingredients like organic coconut oil, beeswax, clary sage and more. It helps to ease any stressful situation, like vet visits, separation anxiety and fireworks.

Lumino Wellness also features a balm to soothe hot spots on a dog’s skin caused by insect bites or scratches. Canine Cool Balm for Hot Spots offers instant relief and contains only organic and natural ingredients and is completely safe if ingested.

The Nose & Paw Moisturizing Butter is also made from ingredients found in nature, like carrot seeds and eucalyptus, which help to cure chapped or cracked paws and noses.

Edible Enhancers

PetsPrefer by Vets Plus, Inc., has an entire natural line of supplements for both dogs and cats.

With five different SKUs to stock for cats, it will be easy to please a customer whose cat needs extra hairball control or one who just wants to maintain its overall health. The tablets are easy to administer and are full of natural ingredients like glucosamine and zinc.
PetsPrefer offers tablet supplements for dogs, too, in seven SKUs to help with anything from reducing anxiety to making canine coats shine.

The company also features six different chew remedies for dogs made with ingredients like peppermint oil to combat bad breath and ginseng to give senior dogs a little more energy.

LICKS Pill-Free is a line of liquid health supplements. They are all natural and boast a 98-percent absorption rate. Designed to ensure pets get the most from every drop, they come in convenient, pre-dosed individual packages. Customers can administer

LICKS directly to their dogs by mouth or they can put it right into their food. Cat customers can put LICKS Pill-Free directly on their cat’s paw or mix it in with food.

All of the LICKS Pill-Free products are made in the U.S. There are six formulas for cats, including solutions for immune health, urinary tract health, senior health and more and they all come in packages of either 10 or 30 uses. LICKS Pill-Free dog formulas come in seven varieties, including solutions for digestion, allergies and more.

Natura Petz’s entire product line is 100-percent natural and uses ingredients that are uncommon but also extremely beneficial to pet health.

“Our products are not only organic but contain unique plant and marine ingredients that can only be found in the Amazon and Andes,” said Heidi Nevala, president of Natura Petz. “An example of a unique ingredient is an Andean root called maca, which is an adaptogen, meaning that it can detect stress in animal body systems and work to restore or bring the body back into balance. Maca is especially good at reading metabolic stress, such as glandular dysfunction and then working nutritionally to correct the imbalance.”

Natura Petz is always developing new products with ingredients and nutrients found in nature.

“Both Vitamin Ninja and Tummy Gladiator are our newest product additions and also contain unique plant and marine ingredients [that] help deliver layers of therapeutic benefits for dogs and cats because they are both nutritional and medicinal in nature,” said Nevala. “They contain a variety of healthy plant chemicals that include both primary and secondary plant actions which deliver layers of potential health supports and can also help address the unknown in our pets, including undiagnosed disease or conditions.”

All Natura Petz supplements are chock full of essential vitamins and minerals.

“Our products also contain naturally-occurring bio-available vitamins, minerals, proteins, oils, fatty acids, antioxidants, amino acids and immune-balancing plant compounds to help bridge nutritional gaps common in commercial diets and may also enable our pets to thrive,” said Nevala.

With countless SKUs, Natura Petz has a supplement to please any customer’s needs.

Tomlyn offers a line of specifically-formulated nutritional supplements for both cats and dogs.

Each Tomlyn all natural pet pharmaceutical product contains multiple ingredients in three potencies: 12x, 30X and LMI.

There are four varieties for cats: Anxiety & Stress Control, Skin & Itch, Teeth & Gums and Urinary Tract Infection. There are also five varieties for dogs: Skin & Itch; Anxiety & Stress; Allergies; Muscle, Joint & Arthritis and Teeth & Gums.