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Dec 4, 2018

Know Supplement Ingredients to Sell Them

BY: Eric Stenson Herbal supplements have become popular for humans as a way to help enhance health naturally and hopefully minimize or eliminate the need for medications, with their host of potential side effects. This is also the case for pets, since overuse of some medications can cause illnesses in animals, according to the Natural […]

Nov 6, 2018

Snacking Healthier: Treats Follow Human ‘Natural’ Trend

By Eric Stenson It’s all about the ingredients when it comes to treats and chews and making sure your pets are getting the right things when you opt to indulge their taste buds in something special. According to Whole Dog Journal, whole food ingredients make a big difference in giving your pet a treat you […]

Oct 8, 2018

Antioxidants Feature Frequently in Latest Pet Products

By Eric Stenson Free radicals have generated a lot of attention in recent years for the havoc they can wreak on many different bodily systems, and pets are at risk as heavily as their human companions. Dr. Karen Becker, a holistic veterinarian writing at, indicates that free radicals cause damage in the form of […]

Sep 11, 2018

Enter Exotic: Unique Protein Sources Offer More Variety to Pet Owners

BY ERIC STENSON Beef, lamb, chicken—these seem pretty standard among proteins one might expect to find in pet foods, snacks or treats. However, these barely scratch the surface of what one might find. Duck and rabbit might seem fairly pedestrian and expected, but what about kangaroo, quail and wild boar? These are some of the […]

Aug 13, 2018

Frozen, Freeze-Dried Pet Food Sees Continued Growth

By Eric Stenson The frozen and freeze-dried pet food and treats area is described as having significant growth by Global Market Insights, a global market research and management consulting company. Pet health awareness is a major driving force in this, according to Global Market Insight’s website, as these products feature long shelf life without the […]

Jul 17, 2018

Natural, Simple-Ingredient Chews Gain Popularity

By Eric Stenson Sugars, artificial colors and flavors—as people become more concerned about healthy ingredients when they’re looking for a snack, these tendencies are becoming more prevalent when consumers seek out treats and chews for their companion animals as well. Patrick Caprez, president of Natural Cravings and Barking Buddha in Homestead, Florida, saw firsthand the […]

Jun 12, 2018

Probiotics Offer a Slew of Benefits to Pet Health

BY ERIC STENSON People often talk of that “gut feeling,” as in something just does or doesn’t seem quite right. Indeed, the balance of flora in the gut is a very delicate one that many medical practitioners believe can affect a wide variety of physical conditions. This is not only the case in humans, but […]

May 7, 2018

Companies Turn to Plant-based Sources to Make More Natural Products

By Eric Stenson With people looking for more natural presence in how they eat, treat and groom themselves, it’s no surprise that these inclinations are spreading toward the lifestyle choices they make for their companion animals. Many natural products feature ingredients sourced from land-based elements, mainly vegetation or herbal. One segment that has grown significantly […]

Apr 4, 2018

Number of Raw Diet Options Continue to Grow

By Eric Stenson Raw diets for pets have been gaining in popularity in recent years, according to a Pets.WebMD. com article. The premise, as suggested by Australian veterinarian Ian Billinghurst in 1993, was that adult dogs would thrive on an evolutionary diet based on what canines ate before they became domesticated: raw, meaty bones and […]

Mar 12, 2018

Sustainable Sea-Sourced Ingredients Gaining Popularity

By Eric Stenson Sea-based products have become more popular among many people for their advantages in heart health and joint benefits. As more owners are looking for all-natural options for themselves, this can extend to their increasingly humanized companion animals as well. Seafood presents a very high level of protein, according to, with fish […]

Feb 13, 2018

Natural Cleaning Products Keep Pets Safe, Healthy

By Eric Stenson Pets bring us many hours of love and companionship. They also can bring us some hellacious messes of various sorts. Sensitivities to the ingredients in many typical household cleaning products mean that natural alternatives often can present safe substitutes to tidy up your home without putting your four-footed friends at risk. According […]

Jan 5, 2018

Adding a Boost of Health

By Eric Stenson Supplements for pets is a booming market that shows no signs of letting up any time soon. According to market researcher Packaged Facts, projected retail sales for pet supplements and nutraceutical treats in the U.S. continue to be promising and are expected to reach an estimated $1.6 billion for 2017. With humans […]