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Featured: Call of the Wild with Raw, Frozen, Dehydrated Food

BY ERIC STENSON The raw, frozen and dehydrated segments of the pet food market are still relatively small, but they are growing steadily, according to PetFoodIndustry.com. Frozen sales have been rising about 27 percent per year, representing about $97 million or 1.2 percent of the pet specialty market. More pet retailers are carrying frozen, increasing […]

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Alternative Proteins are Valuable for Diet Diversification, Treating Food Allergies

By Eric Stenson Beef, chicken, lamb, fish—pet owners are used to seeing some variation of these proteins dominate their choices when they’re shopping to feed their companion animals. Some manufacturers, however, are looking at alternative sources of protein, and they run the gamut from the expected to the unusual. Many people think of their dogs […] Read More →

Healthy by Design

BY ERIC STENSON Limited ingredient. All natural. No artificial colors or flavors. While these qualifiers on snack items might be found in the pantry of a person who is watching what he or she eats, these days, one might find these characteristics appearing on chews and treats designed for pets as well. Down Dog Snacks […] Read More →

Digestive Relief

By Eric Stenson In today’s stressful world, people often feel a bit dyspeptic. Busy schedules, eating on the run and high stress contribute to this feeling. Many people find digestive relief through the use of probiotics, employed to encourage production of beneficial flora in the gut. Although dogs and cats don’t face the same work, family and other obligations we humans do, they, too, […] Read More →

Keeping it Natural

BY ERIC STENSON People have increasingly wanted to lighten their lives of artificial ingredients, and this tendency has spread toward their companion animals as well. Dyes, artificial flavors, harsh chemicals, fillers, extenders—many consumers are eschewing these elements in products that touch the everyday lives of Tabby and Fido as owners seek to keep their pets […] Read More →

Cleaning Solutions

By Eric Stenson Harsh chemicals that leave toxic residues when cleaning your house can not only have a deleterious effect on your human co-inhabitants, but also on the four-footed members of your family. According to PetMD.com, bleach, ammonia, chlorine, formaldehyde, phenol and isopropyl alcohol can be very dangerous to dogs, causing lethargy, malaise, seizures, coma, […] Read More →

Supplementing Pets’ Health

By Eric Stenson Just as people are increasingly relying on supplements to alleviate specific symptoms as well as improve overall health, that trend is expanding to how they treat their companion animals. According to the report “Pet Supplements in the U.S.,” published by market research firm Packaged Facts, sales of pet supplements are expected to […] Read More →

The Raw Deal

By Eric Stenson The Paleo Diet has become increasingly popular among people, going back to basics with an emphasis on lean proteins similar to what our ancient ancestors might have eaten. For pets, ancestral and raw diets have come into the spotlight increasingly as more and more manufacturers introduce products to address this burgeoning market. […] Read More →

Sourced from the Sea

By Eric Stenson It’s easy to imagine cats taking to fish—after all, how many cartoons have featured mischievous cats trying to get into the goldfish bowl? However, all-natural sea-based food, treats and supplements are becoming increasingly common for dogs as well. In fact, PetMD.com says that dogs greatly benefit from having their diets supplemented with […] Read More →

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