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Keeping the Fish Hobby Alive

Michelle Maskaly//March 19, 2014//

Keeping the Fish Hobby Alive

Michelle Maskaly //March 19, 2014//

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We recently sat down with Aaron Kline, sales manager for Acurel, to talk about how the company got its start and how they develop cutting-edge aquatic products.

Q: For those not familiar with the company, tell us a little about how Acurel got its start.

Kline: Acurel was established in 1967, with a vision of keeping freshwater and saltwater aquariums clean and healthy environments for aquarists worldwide. Loving Pets had been the exclusive U.S. distributor of Acurel products, and then purchased the company in 2007.

Lou Dalwin, the grandfather of Eric Abbey, president and owner of Loving Pets and Acurel, was a founding member of APPMA, now APPA. Lou worked for Aquarium Stock Company, an aquatic company founded in [the] early 1900s, and he took over that business around 1930 and owned it through the 1980s.

Eric’s family history has such strong ties in the pet industry, so when an opportunity came along to not only distribute Acurel’s incredible product-solutions but also purchase and grow the business and product assortment, Eric jumped at the opportunity and Loving Pets purchased Acurel in 2007.

Q: You’ve been in the aquatics business for a while. How have you seen it change over the years?

Kline: The biggest competitive challenges in the aquatics segment of the pet industry center around the myriad of ways we define entertainment these days. With smartphones, video games, TV, etc., people get rewards instantaneously from stimulation and entertainment that they don’t have to work to achieve.

Retailers and manufacturers like Acurel are realizing, and acting on, the need to evolve. As a leader in innovation and proprietary delivery systems for vitamins and mineral absorption as well as water clarification, Acurel is working hard to be an educational resource for retailers so that they can offer easy-to-use, fast acting and highly effective solutions to their customers, from a starter kit, to an assortment of technology-based treatment solutions, all at affordable price points.

Q: We know you are always developing exciting products for aquariums and ponds. Can you tell us a little about your new products?

Kline: Acurel is creating new, innovative products both for the starting hobbyist to the experienced aquarist.

Acurel’s 100 percent made in the USA’s new aquatic livestock medication and treatment products include: Acurel Knockout IP (ich and protozoa treatment) and Acurel Knockout BF (bacteria and fungal treatment). Knockout IP and BF are all-natural oils combined with Acurel’s proprietary Absorptol technology to rid a fish of bacteria, fungus, ich and protozoa. Absorptol binds with these oils and delivers treatment directly to your fish for faster and more successful healing.

Acurel also offers general health liquids like Bodyguard RX and Healthguard. Bodyguard RX is a weekly vitamin booster and appetite stimulant, which will keep your fishes’ immune system up and help give them a steady appetite. Bodyguard RX also contains aloe vera for a healthy slime coat.

Healthguard is a weekly electrolyte treatment. Think of it like Gatorade for fish. It keeps their alkalinity levels up, which keeps stress levels down and promotes healthy immune systems. Healthguard also contains aloe vera, which boosts your fishes’ slime coat. Both Healthguard and Bodyguard RX contain Absorptol, which is an Acurel exclusive technology. It acts as a delivery system for vitamins and nutrients, so it takes all the vitamins and nutrients in Bodyguard RX and Healthguard directly to the fish.

Acurel Healthguard and Bodyguard Rx are for both fresh and saltwater fish. Acurel Knockout IP is for both fresh and saltwater fish, but not for use in a reef aquarium. Acurel Knockout BF is for fresh and saltwater fish, and safe for reef aquariums.

Acurel’s new solutions deliver a one-two punch to harmful ICH, parasites, bacterial and fungal organisms.

There is an entire ecosystem of bacteria in a fish tank. Sometimes when new hobbyists are setting up their first tank, they just want to get fish in it. They should realize that it is very dangerous to their fish if they do not build up this ecosystem of friendly bacteria in the tank first. This friendly bacteria gets rid of the very harmful ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites in the tank.

At Global Pet Expo 2014, Acurel will launch an Acurel Starter Kit that will be a great item for retailers to offer beginning hobbyists, offering an easy-to-use assortment of five must-have Acurel products to help you learn how to care for your tank but also to keep the fish environment clean and healthy.