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Five Qs: Pet King Brands’ Pamela Bosco

Chris Junior//January 29, 2020//

Five Qs: Pet King Brands’ Pamela Bosco

Chris Junior //January 29, 2020//

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Pamela Bosco is the president of Pet King Brands, which is based in Westmont, Illinois.

Q: How is the current pet industry different from the one that existed when you created ZYMOX in 1999?
A: The pet industry is vastly different now than it was in 1999, especially in the areas of technology, consumer demands and product offerings. When I launched the first ZYMOX product for managing pet ear infections, the topic of antibiotic resistance was just starting to become an emerging threat in human health. I witnessed the problems associated with antibiotic resistance first-hand as I struggled to help my own dog find relief from chronically infected, painful ear infections. I knew there were others like me who wanted to help animals and look for alternatives to antibiotics. Fast forward 20 years, pet owners are demanding alternatives, and they are seeking knowledge. Technology has had a huge impact in the evolving marketplace, making it easier for everyone to become educated, advocate for their pet’s health, research product selections and view other pet owners’ feedback.

Q: Did you realize the importance of offering consumers and pet health care professionals an alternative to antibiotics and harsh chemicals when you launched ZYMOX?
A: What started as a quest to help my own pet opened my eyes to the global issue of antibiotic resistance. This is a bona fide threat that is affecting the health of people and pets. There are times when antibiotics are warranted, but there are products like ZYMOX, which utilize the advanced technology of enzymes to effectively manage and provide relief—without concern of resistance, toxicity or harsh, irritating ingredients. What I didn’t realize then is how common ear infections and skin allergies are in pets and the impact ZYMOX would have on so many pets’ health. These two conditions are the most common reasons pet owners take their pets to a veterinarian. It has been extremely gratifying to hear from ZYMOX users about their success with the products. Everything we do is for the love of all animals.

Q: How does science play a role in your products?
A: ZYMOX Dermatology and our Oratene Brushless Oral care line are based on a commonly shared patented LP3 Enzyme System. This enzyme system has been studied and used for over 40 years in the human health market and has been the cornerstone of all Pet King Brands products since their inception. Each enzyme in the patented formulation is naturally derived with their own unique properties and when combined form a powerful system to bring relief to promote healthy ears, skin and mouth.

Q: Why did it make sense for ZYMOX to recently launch its equine line of products?
A: ZYMOX and Oratene were first introduced to the veterinarian. As a result of years of listening to veterinarians and partnering with them to provide solutions for the pet health issues they were facing, we were able to perfect the applications of the products and developed a complete line of products that can be effectively and safely used for a broad spectrum of animals. Entering into the equine arena was based on the demand for products that are effective, antibiotic-free and don’t require multiple daily applications that other products do. All of our products are safe and effective for all pets. However, our research showed that horse owners needed larger product size, shopped locally at their tack retailer and preferred equine-focused packaging. The ZYMOX Equine Defense line is also hydrocortisone-free, which has been shown to be more beneficial for the wound, hoof and hide issues which affect horses most.

Q: What have been some of your favorite charitable endeavors?
A: We believe in giving back to the community and do so on a regular basis. There are so many animals in need, and we partner with many shelters and rescues to help. Our most notable charitable endeavor was when we donated over $240,000 worth of ear care products to shelters and humane societies around the United States. ZYMOX products are very easy to use and reduce the demands of the shelter staff and helped thousands of animals find relief with the goal of helping them become adoptable sooner.