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Diverse Designs: Canada’s GF Pet Adapts to Meet Consumer Demands

Glenn Polyn//February 1, 2023//

Diverse Designs: Canada’s GF Pet Adapts to Meet Consumer Demands

Glenn Polyn //February 1, 2023//

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Founded in 2014, GF Pet has grown to become a household name in Canada. The lifestyle brand crafts apparel and accessories to match the unique style and personality of every companion animal. Pet Age recently spoke with Jarrad Freeman, vice president of sales, to learn about how the brand designs its products that has connected with today’s fashion-savvy pet parents.


What is the story of how GF Pet got its start?

We listen to consumers, and we pay attention to dogs. Over time, we discovered that the two biggest issues with pet apparel by far are: uncomfortable fit on different shapes of dogs and the owner’s struggle to lift the dog’s legs to put a coat on and off.

With the increasing diversity of dog sizes and shapes, especially in the chesty and mixed breeds, we knew the problem was growing while the only available answer on the market seemed to be expensive custom-made clothes. Watching our own dogs’ body language when trying on different types of apparel, as well as how they move while walking and playing, we learned a lot about the impact of comfort and freedom of movement on dogs’ posture, agility and demeanor. As a technical design house, we made it our mission to understand both the people’s and the dogs’ frustrations, and to create standardized solutions for a wide range of dogs.


Can you tell us about Elasto-fit and what makes it so special?

Our patented Elasto-fit design technology is a plurality of elastics confected together in a specific way to maximize the stretch directions on the neck, chest and belly areas where dogs have the highest shape differences. The result is superior adjustability where it is really needed, that hugs to conform to the unique shape of each dog. Moreover, the Elasto-fit wishbone design maximizes the coverage on the underside where a dog can get the coldest and dirtiest, and this design makes it super easy to put on and take off without any leg lifting. All this leads to a quicker and easier experience.


How does your range of products cater to the diverse climates and geographies in North America?

Because we have become experts in how a coat should fit, we used that experience to design raincoats, sweaters, hoodies, base layers and splash pants with amazing fit for in-between weather. We source and test the best fabrics to enhance stretchability while our patterns maintain a more defined shape, with a sculpted back end that doesn’t flop or hang like lower-end brands. All this with a super-soft hand feel, too.

For cool rainy regions, we launched our exciting new Insulated Elasto-fit Raincoat, with cozy warm popcorn fleece lining to seal in the body heat, showcased in new colors of the same buttery soft waterproof shell that is known and loved on our all-year Elasto-fit Raincoat.

For geographies with heavy rain periods, our all-year Elasto-fit Raincoat offers full waterproof protection, and it is complemented by our waterproof head-to-toe 4-leg Splash Suit for an ultimate dry experience.

For colder climates, we designed the Creekside 2-piece Snow Suit which includes an Elasto-fit jacket plus detachable and extendible matching pants for those real snowy cold days. Let’s face it, snow suits are hard to fit. With the ability to conform to slimmer/larger girths and shorter/longer lengths, the Creekside Snow Suit truly is revolutionary as it is easily adaptable to a variety of climates and body sizes.

For hot weather climates, we introduced Elasto-fit design technology to our Ice Vest for instant cooling, great coverage and comfortable fit. Finally, we developed Elasto-fit Boots for all types of terrain, that hug the dog’s leg, really stay on well and can be cut to fit for any height of dog.


What is something that the pet industry doesn’t know about GF Pet?

We do private label programs for medium and large retailers all over the world. Our strong expertise coupled with our well-established sourcing network can support a variety of qualities of privately branded apparel and accessories, with packaging in nine languages.

We are not just focused on the technical superiority of our designs. People have different tastes, and we respect that. We offer classic and timeless styles that we typically repeat over several years, as well as super fashionable styles that change yearly. We make sizes 3XS to 4XL, and even some 5XL. In short, we make gorgeous people clothes that fit dogs, and we have a ton of fun doing it.