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Featured: Hit the Nail on the Head

By Jennifer Higgins Whether customers or clients are looking for grooming supplies to properly tend to pets in the home or they decide to leave their pet in the hands of a professional, the expectation is a clean and tidy pet from head to toe. Speaking of toes… Though keeping a pet’s nails at an […]

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Listen to this: Ear Care an Important Part of Dog Grooming, Health Maintenance

Ear cleaning seems simple enough, but it’s a deceptively complicated task because of the length of a dog’s ear canal. Because of that, and combined with canines having lots of hair or floppy ears, dogs are rendered susceptible to ear infections without proper care. Most vets recommend a professional cleaning—either at the veterinarian or by […] Read More →

Value of In-Store Washing

When it comes to self-service dog washing bays, you’re probably picturing the usual: a couple metal tubs with washing supplies tucked into the back corner of the store. And that model works—it draws customers into and through the store, and merchandised well, it can also create numerous upsell opportunities. However, one retailer shows that it […] Read More →

Elite Salon Grooming Products Should be Easy to Use

Clippers and blowers are foundational tools of the grooming trade. They’re also often an investment piece for the salon. When it comes to selecting the right one, ease-of-use and quality are key purchase drivers. Clippers “I love Wahl clippers,” said Jorge Bendersky, the celebrity dog groomer who’s been trusted to style the dogs of Ralph Lauren and P. Diddy. “They’re a company that has a […] Read More →

The Right Stuff

The foundation of any good grooming regimen, whether done at home or in a salon, starts with the right tools. However, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution in this category. The key is matching the comb, brush, shear or clipper to the dog’s coat and to the owner’s desired outcome, and the needs of the pro […] Read More →

Safety First

Whether your retail customers are avid or novice at-home groomers, or your salon runs a bustling business, safety is paramount when it comes to dog grooming. A suite of products is available to keep grooming safe for both the groomer and for the dog. Repetitive motions—like brushing a dog—can strain joints and muscles, causing long-lasting […] Read More →

Beyond the Brush

When it comes to grooming their pets at home, many owners struggle with a few key questions: Am I using the right tool? Am I using it properly? Can I accidentally hurt my pet? “Dog and cat owners want grooming tools that perform as promised and that you don’t have to be a professional to […] Read More →

Tables and Lifts

Safety is paramount when choosing tables and lifts for the grooming salon. While these pieces of equipment might seem like a static product—certainly less exciting than the ever-changing array of available shampoos and conditioners—these are arguably the most important aspect of the salon. Not only do these large-scale purchases keep the groomer safe and comfortable, they also ensure the safety and comfort of the animal […] Read More →

The Eyes Have It

Eye care is a cross-over category. Products within eye care, whether at the salon or on the retail shelves, must meet the needs of both the health care sector and the casual pet owner. Tear stains, along with an increase in allergies among the pet dog population, mean big sales in the eye care category. […] Read More →

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