Elite Salon Grooming Products Should be Easy to Use

October 4, 2017

Clippers and blowers are foundational tools of the grooming trade. They’re also often an investment piece for the salon. When it comes to selecting the right one, ease-of-use and quality are key purchase drivers.


“I love Wahl clippers,” said Jorge Bendersky, the celebrity dog groomer who’s been trusted to style the dogs of Ralph Lauren and P. Diddy. “They’re a company that has a big team of professional groomers that review every product, and I know first-hand that they do listen and provide the pet market, both professional and private users, with really thought out product recommendations that have low vibrations and noise levels to make it easy on the pets.”

Popular brand Andis Company manufactures two well-known clipper options. First, the ProClip Pulse Ion Clipper is powered by lithium-ion technology for up to two hours of continuous trimming. It has a lightweight, contoured design with cord or cordless functionality while providing comfort and sure handling for the groomer. A powerful rotary motor generates 5,500 strokes per minute to cut through any hair type, and an adjustable stainless-steel blade (lengths 40-30-15-10-9) cuts down on grooming time.

The Pulse ZR Clipper is designed for heavy-duty clipping. This lithium-ion clipper provides the power of a corded tool but in a cord-free design and delivers up to two hours of continuous cutting without losing clipping power. The clipper has a precision-engineered rotary motor that can be set to five speeds, from 2,500 to 4,500 strokes per minute, for improved cutting control.

“Groomers rely on their tools, and I prefer products that are easy to maintain and even easier to use, so the adjustable blade Pulse Ion and 5-speed Pulse ZR are ideal,” said Megan Mouser, Andis’ animal education manager. “First of all, I love that they are cordless! This gives me the ability to freely move around the grooming table or to take a timid pet to a quieter space without the hassle of cords. An increase in versatility can improve grooming sessions for both the pet and the groomer. I also value the overall quality and ROI of these clippers.”

When it comes to investing in tools for the salon, Mouser shared her perspective on cost-per-use.

“As a rule of thumb, I typically choose a clipper based on how many grooms I will need to complete to pay for that tool, then I consider the tool’s remaining longevity after that point. In the grooming industry, time is money; a skilled, quality groom is everything else,” Mouser said. “I learned early in my career that upgrading my clippers also meant that I could upgrade my performance, which has paid off in a huge way. The Andis ProClip Pulse Ion is a smaller, lightweight clipper that I can use for all of my prep work. The adjustable stainless-steel blade means you won’t have to stop to put this tool down or switch out the blades while grooming, which really saves time. The Andis Pulse ZR will complete any job. This clipper can be effortlessly set to five different speeds, so you have the versatility of turning it up to cut through a thicker coat or slowing it down when you’re dealing with a scared, older pet.”

Blowers round out the groom. According to Bendersky, who’s authored his own how-to manual, “DIY Dog Grooming,” when it comes to blowers, there’s one product he seeks out.

“The Kenchii GC-2000B digital ionic hair dryer is in a category of its own—quiet, efficient and expensive, but worth every penny,” he said.

The handheld dryer by Kenchii uses ion technology to create show-worthy results by breaking down water molecules quickly to reduce drying time—and, thus, reducing damage to the coat.

A stand-alone dryer option is the XPOWER B-16S Finishing Dryer, which is manufactured with state-of-the-art technology, making it versatile, powerful, durable and reliable. Th e standing dryer is specifically designed with “Anion” technology to produce negative ions that reduce static electricity. “Finishing dryers are widely used by a select group of groomers to dry difficult coats and achieve what is referred to as a show-quality finish,” said Jerry Cheng, sales manager for XPOWER Manufacture, Inc.

“With that in mind, it is no surprise that the finishing dryer is a precious tool for professional groomers to bring joy into many pet parents’ lives; moreover, difficult-coated breeds typically generate higher revenue per pet, which aids hardworking groomers in expenses such as tool maintenance/replacement, inventory purchasing, and upkeep of a grooming salon,” Cheng said. “The XPOWER B-16S Finishing Dryer is able to provide the kind of air volume and adjustable heat option to achieve this quality in difficult coats that forced air dryers simply can’t and is definitely a preferred tool amongst professional groomers who either service difficult coats on a daily basis, or are active in the show/competition aspect of their grooming career.”

Wish List

Finally, while a range of options are available for the pros, these market segments ultimately have room to grow to meet the needs of the at-home groomer. On Bendersky’s wish list?

“In the clipper world, I would love to see low price clippers for pet owners that are quiet,” Bendersky said. “Most clippers you find in pet stores are very loud. When it comes to dryers, self-standing affordable dryers directed to pet owners would be a great addition to the market.”

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