July 5, 2017

When it comes to grooming their pets at home, many owners struggle with a few key questions: Am I using the right tool? Am I using it properly? Can I accidentally hurt my pet?

“Dog and cat owners want grooming tools that perform as promised and that you don’t have to be a professional to use,” said Eddy Cathaud, CEO of Swees America. “At the same time, they need to be assured that this product won’t accidentally harm or irritate their pets during grooming.”

“So, when I set out to design the Eazee deshedding tool, I made it my mission to create a product that met all of their needs,” Cathaud added. “Compared to metal deshedders, the Eazee is safer, gentler, easier to use and more effective. The Eazee deshedding tool is perfect for at-home groomers because, with its unique comb and balanced handle, they’ll have the confidence to groom around sensitive areas like the genitals, ears and nose. It’s also safe for children to use. The Eazee also makes it easy to dispose of collected hair. Because it’s constructed from anti-static materials, just pull the button back and the hair will slide off. Plus, the Eazee is more stylish than conventional deshedding tools—it’s available in six popular colors.”

Jay Michaelson, CEO of HandsOn, said the at-home groomer is looking for two things: “products that actually work and are a convenience to use.”

The brand’s HandsOn grooming gloves allow dog owners to groom while massaging their pet.

“Animals love the HandsOn massage while they provide a more thorough deep clean. We have made grooming as natural as petting,” he said. “Professional groomers have realized that dog owners will actually use the gloves at home in between grooming appointments as the gloves are a joy to use for both dogs and their owners. Even dogs that disliked grooming will beg for more HandsOn petting and massage time.”

In Case of Accident 

Brushing aside, nail trims might cause the most angst among at-home groomers, followed by clipping with shears. No pet owner is perfect, and accidents do happen, so retailers would be wise to off er products that aid a customer when a nip occurs.

“We all know all too well that when you put a pet, a pair of shears, a set of nail clippers, a Dremel or more than one dog in any given area, sClotItomething that you really don’t want to happen can very possibly happen,” said Ed Berger of Groomers Helper. “A nail quick, a shear slip or a lightning-fast nip are all realities of our trade, and we need to be prepared to deal with it when it does.”

ClotIt is a clinically-proven application that stops bleeding by accelerating the pet’s own blood clotting defense system.

“This clean, white powder, when applied with proper pressure and a little tender loving care not only halts bleeding, but helps create a better skin block as well. It also does not clump and has an unlimited shelf life,” Berger said. “ClotIt is currently available in a one-ounce applicator, a five-ounce applicator and in one of the best-thought-out complete pet First Aid Kits that has ever been brought to the industry. The kit includes a one-ounce ClotIt applicator along with tools, swabs and bandages that every pet owner or home groomer should have. Starting later in June, a new Salon Professional Kit will be available.”

A Cleaner Product

Beyond brushes, trimmers, clippers and first aid, create a cross-selling opportunity with at-home groomers by educating on the parallel between the pet’s health and grooming. Probiotic products provide a comprehensive solution to many skin and coat issues and work well as a supplement to grooming aids.

“Consumers are more aware that chemical-filled grooming products have consequences. People love their pets and want the healthiest products they can find to maintain wellness of their loved furry friend, but most natural grooming products make your pet smell well but do not work well,” P2 founder Heather Holmes said. “Our years of experience in livestock have proven that the soil- based probiotic blends incorporated in our pet products is far superior to that found in traditional pet products because our P2 soil-based probiotic combinations can battle superbug bacteria, like MRSA, E.coli and Salmonella, as well as odors, mold, mildew and fungus. They outcompete bad bacteria for food and stop the bad bacteria from forming a microscopic protective coating called biofilm.

“This biofilm attaches to pets’ teeth, nasal cavities, ears and skin,” Holmes continued. “It’s also in your home, on floors and carpets. You can’t clean away biofilm with bleach, disinfectants or any of the current pet products on the market today. Only P2’s pet products can clean biofilm away and keep it from returning, leaving pets truly clean and protected.”

By providing comprehensive solutions—from probiotics to first aid to brushes and clippers—you can help your customers feel confident starting a grooming routine at home. Pet owners who want to groom at home want to know they’re making the right product choice and know how to use it. Retailers should be prepared to offer guidance and assistance for customers who are nervous about beginning an at-home grooming routine and should stock shelves with a range of products that go beyond the brush.

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