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Groom and Board Category

Sep 1, 2019

PetPort’s Future in Benefiting Pets

Pet Age recently spoke with Holly Dolan to learn more about her decision to open PetPort, a pet store in Northport, New York, after a career on TV and radio. Q What inspired you to open PetPort? A When I was music director at WCBS-FM, New York, I had just adopted two Jack Russell litter […]

Aug 29, 2019

Primp and Purr

The grooming sector of the industry continues to grow to meet the increasing demands of consumers, including cat owners. Dogs are no longer the only stars of the grooming world; cats are catching up. More groomers are brushing up on their cat-grooming skills and offering services catered to felines. Although cats are known for their […]

Aug 1, 2019

Grooming Like Royalty

Pet Age recently chatted with Carolina Herrera, owner of Versailles Dog Grooming Palace in Flushing, New York, to learn her strategies toward setting herself apart in the highly-competitive grooming sector. Q What inspired you to open Versailles Dog Grooming Palace in November 2017? A Seeing and reading bad reviews of the experiences customers and their […]

Jul 2, 2019

Groom and Board at Cat Naps Cattery

Pet Age spoke with Certified Feline Master Groomer Lynn Paolillo, owner of Cat Naps Cattery, to learn what sets her business apart from other groom and board facilities. Q What inspired you to open Cat Naps Cattery? How would you describe your pet grooming experience? A Although I’ve been a cat owner for my entire life, […]

Dec 4, 2018

Ear Ye, Ear Ye: Ear Health is Vitally Important

BY: Jennifer Higgins It is quite clear that, in these days of pet ownership, there is very little left to a pet owner’s imagination when it comes to pet care products and the body parts on which these products are used. One need only take a walk down the aisle of bathing and grooming products […]

Nov 6, 2018

In-Store, Self-Serve Washing Bays Continue to Thrive

By Jennifer Higgins For years, car owners have been able to wash their own car without pulling the garden hose out, filling a bucket with soap and spending an entire afternoon getting soaked. They just go to a self-serve car wash. It seems, also, that the DIY movement has become almost “fashionable.” It should come […]

Oct 8, 2018

Groomers’ Tools Essential to the Quality of Their Work

By Jennifer Higgins Much like the high fashion world of human hair styling, the pet grooming industry demands quality and excellence in its artistry. This cross-species similarity doesn’t stop at the kind of work done on its four-legged customers. The tools used in creating these works of art mean the difference between a grooming job […]

Sep 11, 2018

Brushes, Combs and Shears: The Stars of Grooming

BY JENNIFER HIGGINS There are plenty of clips and snips that go on in the average grooming salon these days, and no salon can function without these three stars: combs, brushes and shears. Andis recently introduced its newest technology in the fight against shedding. “The Fine Tooth Deshedding Rake features a unique tooth pattern that […]

Aug 13, 2018

Make Safety of Pets, Humans a Top Priority in Grooming

By Jennifer Higgins It’s easy to get lost in the whirlwind of new and improved pet care products, services and equipment when deciding what is hot and what’s not in the pet care industry. However, there is something important and necessary they all have in common: safety. If a product, service or piece of equipment […]

Jul 17, 2018

DIY At-Home Pet Grooming Creates Customer Need

By Jennifer Higgins Let’s face it: if it’s got fur, it will shed; if it has nails, they’ll grow; and if it likes the outdoors, it’s going to get dirty! The “it” to which I am referring, in this case, is none other than the family pet. Countless pet (and working) dogs and cats residing […]

Jun 12, 2018

A Roundup of Recommended Daycare Boarding Facilities

BY JENNIFER HIGGINS You would be hard pressed to debate that pet owners will go to great lengths, and expense, to ensure the health and well-being—both physical and mental—of their beloved four-legged, furry family members. Whether obtained from a breeder, a friend or a rescue, privately owned pets often find themselves enjoying similar, if not […]

May 7, 2018

Keeping Eye Care in Mind

By Jennifer Higgins If my dogs could talk, I’m sure one of the first things they would say to me would be, “Mom! Please leave our eyes alone!” Yes, I am that pet owner who insists on plucking or pinching out the debris from the corner of my dogs’ eyes because I am certain that […]