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Featured: Choosing the Best Cosmetics

Pet cosmetics: Few other niches cause as varied reactions as this, with some consumers clamoring for more and better products, while others tease the coifed dogs. Regardless, the segment is growing—and quickly—though it’s still a small market. Those clamoring for more, however, tend to be millennials, often child-free, with expendable income they’re willing to spend […]

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Brushing Up

Combs and brushes provide the foundation for the at-home groomer’s kit. Although there is tremendous variety among consumers and the demands they place on the tools, there are a few basics that all combs and brushes need to hit: ease of use, comfort for both the dog and the owner, and affordability. The right set […] Read More →

An Ounce of Prevention

What steps do you take to keep your salon safe, not just for the pets entrusted in your care but also for you and your employees? A safe work environment is crucial to successful operation. Each staff member needs to be trained in the salon’s policies and procedures, and it starts when the first client […] Read More →

DIY Dog Grooming

According to data from the American Kennel Club, nearly 70 percent of dog owners reported that they groom their pets themselves. Only about 26 percent of dog owners rely solely on professional groomers. For the majority who groom at home and the smaller percentage of dog owners who alternate between professional grooming appointments and at-home […] Read More →

Uplifting Experience

Groomers have many options when it comes to tables and lifts. Read More →

Bright Eyes

Wipes provide safe and effective eye care for dogs. Read More →

Cut the Shed

Shedding dogs offer opportunities to sell many products, services. Read More →

Skin Deep

Skin care products that solve problems attract consumer attention. Read More →

Lathered Up

Dog grooming product trends being shaped by younger pet owners Read More →

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