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Feb 13, 2024

Department of Justice: Covetrus Pleads Guilty to Criminal Misbranding of Veterinary Prescription Drugs

According to a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliance and enforcement report, Covetrus North America LLC, a company based in Dublin, Ohio, which sells veterinary products to customers across the United States, has pled guilty to causing the introduction and delivery of misbranded veterinary prescription drugs into interstate commerce. As part of the agreement, […]

Feb 9, 2024

DCM-Related $2.6B Class Action Suit Filed Against Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Academic Veterinarians

Wolf Haldenstein Adler Freeman & Herz LLP, a leading law firm in protecting consumers and small businesses against corporate fraud and unfair competition, recently announced it has filed a major class action lawsuit against Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc., a subsidiary of Colgate-Palmolive Co. and one of the country’s largest manufacturers of grain-containing pet food products, [&hellip[...]

Feb 1, 2024

New Year, New Toys: Pet Parents Seek Safe, Durable Toys That Encourage Interaction, Stimulate Senses

While the pet industry is one of constant change, what remains the same is the competitive landscape in the toy sector. Thankfully, the list of reliable toy makers is a lengthy one, with such prominent brands being COLLAR Company, Duckyworld, Zee.Dog, Guru Pet, Vee Enterprises and Tall Tails. Dog and cat toys have been experiencing […]

Feb 1, 2024

To Tell the Tooth: From Brushes to Dental Wipes, These Pet Products Have Oral Health Care Covered

It’s widely known that the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) recommends a pet’s teeth and gums be checked at least once a year by a veterinarian for signs of problems and to help keep its mouth healthy. In addition, maintaining a pet’s dental hygiene is a cost-effective precaution for preventing oral infections and diseases. According […]

Jan 18, 2024

Fromm Family Foods Launches Bonnihill Farms, Brand’s First Fresh-Frozen Food for Dogs

Press release: Fromm Family Foods Fromm Family Foods has entered the frozen foods category with the introduction of Bonnihill Farms, a collection of gently cooked, fresh-frozen dog food recipes. The line, inspired by the company’s farming heritage, will feature fresh, delicious recipes made in small batches with locally sourced ingredients from the Midwest. As an […]

Jan 9, 2024

South Korea Bans Dog Meat Industry at National Assembly, Animal Campaigners ‘Overjoyed’

Press release: Humane Society International South Korea’s National Assembly has today voted through a ban on the dog meat industry in what animal campaigners at Humane Society International/Korea have called “history in the making.” Up to 1 million dogs a year are factory farmed and killed for human consumption in the country. The ban, which comes into force […]

Jan 1, 2024

Editor’s Select: Products Setting the Gold Standard in the Pet Industry

Nearly two-thirds of U.S. households, or 86.9 million, have at least one pet, according to the American Pet Products Association. Each and every one of those companion animals depends on the pet care industry for their daily needs. However, Pet Age also realizes the immense impact those pet parents have on the pet care industry, and […]

Jan 1, 2024

Feeding Fundamentals: Brands Offer Insights on Nutritional Needs for Puppies, Kittens

Adding a kitten or puppy to the family is an exciting time. However, it can also be overwhelming, especially when it comes to the youngster’s diet. First-time parents of a kitten or puppy may not understand the different development life stages and how breeds affect the process. While feeding a complete and balanced diet is […]

Jan 1, 2024

Cute & Clean: As Grooming Market Grows, Brands Contribute to Pet Industry Success

The grooming sector is booming, thanks in part to more pet parents discovering that the proper treatment of their companion animal’s skin and coat has an enormous impact on its well-being. According to a report on Globe Newswire, the Pet Grooming Services Market is projected to surpass $10.1 billion by 2032 from $5.3 billion in 2022, and it […]

Dec 31, 2023

FDA: Blue Ridge Beef Recalls Kitten Grind, Kitten Mix & Puppy Mix Due to Contamination

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is reporting that Blue Ridge Beef is expanding its recall to include additional lot numbers. This recall includes all lot numbers and used by dates between N24 1114 to N24 1224 of its 2-pound log of Kitten Grind UPC 8 54298 00101 6; 2-pound log of Kitten Mix […]

Dec 18, 2023

November Petflation Report: Consumer Pet Spending Drops to +4.3% vs 2022

Inflation continues to slow but, according to the Pet Business Professor John Gibbons, it is still far above the target rate. The huge year-over-year (YOY) increases in the monthly Consumer Price Index (CPI) peaked in June 2022 at 9.1 percent then began to slow until turning up in July/August 2023. Prices dropped in October and […]

Dec 14, 2023

FDA Issues Warning Letters to Manufacturers, Distributors of Unapproved Antimicrobials for Pets

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a statement on December 15 that it has issued nine warning letters to manufacturers and distributors of unapproved and misbranded antimicrobial animal drugs for violations of federal law. The agency is concerned because these products contain antimicrobials that are important in human medicine and using them without […]