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Cute & Clean: As Grooming Market Grows, Brands Contribute to Pet Industry Success

Glenn Polyn//January 1, 2024//

Cute & Clean: As Grooming Market Grows, Brands Contribute to Pet Industry Success

Glenn Polyn //January 1, 2024//

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The grooming sector is booming, thanks in part to more pet parents discovering that the proper treatment of their companion animal’s skin and coat has an enormous impact on its well-being. According to a report on Globe Newswire, the Pet Grooming Services Market is projected to surpass $10.1 billion by 2032 from $5.3 billion in 2022, and it is poised to reach a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.8 percent from 2023 to 2032.

The market research report notes that the pet grooming services market was dominated by North America, which acquired the most significant revenue share of 36.2 percent during the forecast period due to the growing awareness about health and hygiene, and these factors are projected to propel market growth in North America. Owing to the number of pet ownership, mainly dog ownership, in the North American regions along with high standards of living, the regional sector has dominated the market.

Andis Company, a leading manufacturer of pet grooming tools, knows that the grooming sector is hungry for education. That’s why, in addition to offering a wide assortment of electric grooming clippers and grooming tools for professionals and the at-home pet parent, Andis provides world-class learning opportunities, providing materials that have become a must-use resource for groomers and pet parents alike.

The brand created its Creative Collab Series to highlight the artistry of top professionals and to bring that passion to life in ways that can inspire other groomers. For the most recent installment of its Creative Collab Series, Andis partnered with the award-winning, celebrity pet groomer Gabriel Feitosa, bringing fans a limited-edition colorway of the popular Pulse ZR II cordless clipper. Inspired by Gabriel’s viral exotic pet grooms on TikTok, animal lovers are sure to go wild for this new design. Dedicated to demonstrating the artistry, creativity and passion of Andis’ top creators, the Creative Collab Series tools reflect each of the professionals who inspire them.

“Even early in my career I loved using my creativity to showcase dogs,” said Gabriel. “When I started talking to Andis about this clipper collab I knew I wanted to do something with the Pulse ZR II clipper. The versatility with detachable blades and five speeds is amazing – this clipper is my right hand in the salon, and it only made sense that we collab around my favorite tool. Getting to share my spin on the tool while opening an opportunity to give back to animals in need is an incredible honor.”

The Pulse ZR II Cordless Clipper is a favorite among professional groomers due to its high power, variable speeds and replaceable battery for non-stop grooming. Sold with its charging dock and equipped with a ceramicEDGE Blade that stays cooler and sharper than other competing blades, the Pulse ZR II offers flexibility unmatched by any other clipper in the pet industry. Featuring Gabriel’s unique flair, these limited-edition clippers are an homage to his love of animals and anime, especially Pokémon.

Convenience is a major factor in how people shop and options that can save a customer time are only beneficial to a business. When thinking about convenience, there are multiple avenues retailers can take to make shopping in their store a stress-free experience. Self-service wash stations are a great way for people to bathe their dog on their own time without worrying about making an appointment.

As for grooming products, retailers should have a variety of options for each coat type and skin issue, and the savvy retailer would be wise to create a “grooming kit” that contains everything a first-time pet owner may need to groom their pet at home. Items could include shampoo, conditioner, ear and eye wipes as well as a wound care product.

For consumers looking for convenient and efficient ways to tend to their pet’s grooming needs at home, there is the furMe five-tool grooming vacuum kit, which launched last year. Created by Matt Homa, the innovative vacuum kit features five tools for everything from touch-ups between grooming sessions to a complete at-home groom.

According to Homa, many animals not only tolerate the whisper quiet noise level, but thoroughly enjoy the soft suction feeling of the vacuum on their coat like a massage at the spa. The device emits half of the noise level of a modern vacuum at only 48 decibels, making it ideal for sensitive, shy or skittish pets.

“Whether grooming services are unavailable, pets are too anxious for in-store grooms or pet owners just need an extra groom in between professional sessions, the furMe is the perfect solution,” explained Homa. “The low noise and comfort of being at home takes the stress out of grooming for both the pet and the pet owner.”

This cutting-edge product captures 99 percent of bio-waste, including dust, mites, hair, fur, allergens and more. The pet hair being trimmed or brushed goes into the vacuum’s one-liter container simply by pressing cleaning levers on the brushes to release the hair.

“Offer grooming services in your store? The furMe is an excellent complement to professional grooming services. Don’t offer professional services in-store, but looking for more products to meet the increasing demand for at-home grooming solutions? These versatile kits cater to dog, cat, and even rabbit owners.”

Not every grooming product is “one size-fits-all,” and varying dog breeds can have vastly differing coat and skin types that require different grooming techniques and equipment. Successful groomers can identify what a specific dog needs to deliver a pleasant, stress-free experience. For puppies and kittens going to the groomer for the first time, it can be overwhelming, mainly due to it being a new experience. That said, the products that are being used with young or nervous pets are just as important as the groomer’s attitude and technique.

For some owners, seeing lather on their pet when using a shampoo product is a sign that it is working. However, innovations in the grooming sector include reduced lather options and, sometimes, water isn’t needed in the process. Waterless shampoos offer a quick and easy solution for pet parents whether at home or on the go. With a passion for organic pet wellness and grooming, Pure and Natural Pet has formulated its Waterless Foaming Shampoo for Dogs as well as a version for cats. The no-rinse hypoallergenic formula is massaged directly on the coat then wiped away leaving the skin moisturized and clean. For animals that are not fond of baths, waterless options offer an alternative solution with less stress.

Made in the U.S.A., these products are cruelty-free and are free of chemicals, parabens, sulfates and formaldehydes.

To become or remain competitive in any industry, one must identify and attempt to meet the needs of consumers. Staying on top of what’s hot and what’s not, following trends and even creating trends, staying focused and responding to consumer demands is how to stay at the forefront and grow one’s bottom line.

As the humanization of pet products continues to take hold in the grooming sector, David Campanella of Best Shot notes that human attributes do not exactly cross into pet shampoo.

Campanella, the national sales and marketing director for Best Shot, has more than 30 years of pet industry knowledge and experience. He’s seen the recent push for natural ingredients crossing over from the human shampoo and food industries but, while “more natural” and “ingredient disclosure” are very good for the pet industry, he also has noticed some marketers pandering to “fear, doubt and ignorance” when it comes to shampoo ingredients.

According to Campanella, marketing pet shampoo shouldn’t be what the consumer wants to hear. Instead, it should be the truth of the matter. Best Shot has campaigned to advise others on the importance of a quality product, integrity and ingredient transparency. The brand has stated its mission of full ingredient disclosure on its website, where it appeals to consumer desire for transparency and fact-based education. Customers can ask questions about the ingredients and performance, and Best Shot is more than happy to explain with substantive facts backed by science.

As for Best Shot, Campanella is proud that it sources the finest natural, organic and human-grade ingredients available in all its lines of products, including Scentament Spa and ONE SHOT, and it uses ingredients from sustainable, earth-derived botanical and mineral origins, including advanced silicone technologies working in unison with various natural extracts and proteins. All Best Shot products are safe for humans and animals, pH balanced for their specific task, environmentally friendly and cruelty-free.

Grooming products are constantly evolving, as advancements in technology help drive the pet grooming sector, with new trends and innovations being adapted and updated to meet the needs of pet parents and professional groomers. To help pets with their appearance and health, there are plenty of products that deodorize, brighten, whiten, smooth, sooth, reduce shedding and accomplish much more. At the top of the product list for consumers are shampoos and conditioners.

Buddha Bubbles, by Barking Buddha Pet, was developed by Lucy Calamari Caprez in 2016 to be organic shampoo and conditioner with the most complete formula in the market. Made with certified organic ingredients and botanicals, these products provide a safe and natural way to clean your dog’s sensitive skin and coat.

“We wanted a formula that had all the solutions in one bottle because our dogs had multiple skin issues and we found ourselves buying different bottles of shampoo to solve these issues,” said Caprez, marketing director for Natural Cravings Pet Treats, maker of Buddha Bubbles. “After researching the market, we realized that shampoo companies sell different solutions in different bottles. We are not a shampoo company, we are an holistic pet product company. We sell products that help dogs get healthy, so why not share our perfect formula created for our pups with our customers and let them enjoy all the benefits that come in one bottle?”

Safe for puppies, adult dogs and seniors, the Buddha Bubbles Shampoo is made with organic rosemary, a natural anti-inflammatory, shea butter, organic oats and eucalyptus to help soothe irritated skin as well as methylene blue, known to be a safe and effective antiseptic and antifungal. Meanwhile, Buddha Bubbles Conditioner contains everything that needs to stay in the coat, including argan oil, organic chamomile, organic aloe vera, vitamin E, Omega 3, 6 and 9, organic neem and rosemary, which act as bug repellants.

Grooming experts agree that retailers should be assertive about promoting grooming products. Find a product line that you understand and know how to educate your customer on. Education is key. There are many products to choose from, so it can be overwhelming.

Savvy retailers will remind customers that keeping their pets well-groomed will keep skin issues, smells, coat problems from starting up. Companion animals don’t always do a great job of cleaning themselves, so it is up to the pet parent to make sure their pet is in good shape. Retailers also need to know that they can reach out to the manufacturer for education too. Product knowledge starts with the manufacturer, and there needs to be a strong relationship between manufacturers and retailers. After all, they are partners. Retailers should feel comfortable in telling their customers “let’s contact the manufacturer and see what they recommend.”