Fromm Family Foods Launches Bonnihill Farms, Brand’s First Fresh-Frozen Food for Dogs

By Pet Age Staff//January 18, 2024//

Fromm Family Foods Launches Bonnihill Farms, Brand’s First Fresh-Frozen Food for Dogs

By: Pet Age Staff//January 18, 2024//

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Press release: Fromm Family Foods

Fromm Family Foods has entered the frozen foods category with the introduction of Bonnihill Farms, a collection of gently cooked, fresh-frozen dog food recipes. The line, inspired by the company’s farming heritage, will feature fresh, delicious recipes made in small batches with locally sourced ingredients from the Midwest.

As an entirely new product line for Fromm, the collection of fresh and frozen meals will continue to expand Fromm’s variety-driven offerings while further strengthening their dedication to innovation and excellence in pet food nutrition that has propelled the company forward for more than five generations. Bonnihill Farms is manufactured in a purpose-built new addition to the family-owned Columbus, Wisconsin manufacturing facility- a major point of distinction in a category where most brands in the frozen space outsource production to co-packers.

“We took a great deal of time and care developing Bonnihill Farms,” said Bryan Nieman, brand director for Fromm Family Foods representing the fifth generation of his family business. “As a brand known for industry-leading quality and consistency, it was imperative that we did not outsource research and development or the manufacturing process. As a result, we now have one of the most highly palatable gently cooked dog foods on the market with the quality our customers expect. After all, our pets are important members of our families, and they deserve the best from us.”

Available through select distribution partners in early 2024, Bonnihill Farms adds another dimension of variety and complete and balanced nutrition to the Fromm product portfolio. The three savory varieties, CHICKiBOWLS, BEEFiBOWLS, and TURKiBOWLS, feature a blend of top-quality meats as well as produce locally sourced in the Midwest. Carefully crafted in Wisconsin, the recipes are cooked with a simple, sous-vide cooking method that uses a lower cooking temperature compared to traditional pet foods to maximize nutrient retention and enhance flavor. Frozen to maintain freshness, these gently cooked entrees can be used as a delicious topper or as a complete meal.

“My family immigrated to the United States in the 1850s and came to this country with a love of freedom and a values system grounded in loyalty and hard work,” said Nieman. “They cultivated our land and built a legacy business rooted in quality, consistency, and continuing innovation. Farming is a proud part of our family history and Bonnihill Farms pays respect to our heritage while honoring our commitment to innovation, variety and unparalleled pet nutrition.

New Bonnihill Farms Gently Cooked Fresh-Frozen Dog Food by Fromm Family Pet Foods is available now through select distributors. It joins a robust portfolio of premium, variety-driven dry and canned foods and treats manufactured in several family-owned, state-of-the-art facilities in Wisconsin. Fromm is proud to celebrate 120 years of business innovation in 2024.


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