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Featured: Dental, Chew Products Essential for Small Animals

Here’s the tooth of the matter: small animals live to gnaw. It keeps their chompers well maintained and provides a stimulating activity that relieves boredom. As a prime provider of preferred chew products, you can take a sizeable chunk out of this subcategory and crunch up some profits and customer goodwill, too—assuming you don’t bite […]

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Fur-mula for Success

If sales of small exotics have been touch and go at your store and you can’t put your finger on the problem, think “chinch,” as in chinchilla. That’s because the chinchilla is the kind of animal for which the very word “pet” was likely invented—a cuddly companion that customers won’t be able to resist once […] Read More →

Rabbits are a Top-selling Small Animal

Although International Rabbit Day, September 23, has come and gone this year, it’s never too late to celebrate cottontail cuteness and floppy-eared fun by highlighting hares in your store and living large with lagomorphs. Because, truth is, bunnies big and small continue to attract a lot of “oohs” and “aahs” from curious customers. In fact, […] Read More →

Dollars and Scents

Smell that? Perk up your nose and catch a whiff before it’s gone—it’s the fragrance of opportunity and lost profits heading out the door of your store because you didn’t properly capitalize on promoting the odor control and cleaning products your customers are seeking. Small mammal owners often slack off in the cleaning and maintenance […] Read More →

Small Animals are a Pet Store’s Main Attraction

Mice are nice. Cavies are cuddly. And bunnies are fun and fundamental. But let’s face furry facts: hamsters and gerbils serve as essential staples for most pet stores that offer a small animal set. And it’s easy to see why— they’re adorably compact, soft and gentle and represent an inexpensive starter pet for many families […] Read More →

Welcome to Treat Street

The Golden Rule is to treat others as you would wish to be treated. But the golden rule of small animal ownership is to treat your pets to treats more often. Or, at least it should be, because let’s face it: life is short, and even if you don’t believe in eating dessert first, serving […] Read More →

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Ferrets: Furry and Fun

The craze that made them household name critters may have died down from a few years ago, and they might not sell as solidly today as other small mammals in your store. But make no mistake: when it comes to cute and cuddly, few animals compete for a patron’s attention quite like the fur-tastically fetching […] Read More →

Crunch Time for Small Animals

Here’s some food for thought: Consumers are no longer content with the fast-snatch grab-and-go approach to small animal food shopping. Today, they care about the contents, and they’ll spend more time in your store reading the label on a package of edibles, according to the experts. That makes it all the more important to carefully […] Read More →

High-Energy Retailing

Back in 2009, Disney had the foresight to tap into the snowballing small animal ownership craze when it released the live action 3-D film “G-Force.” The movie’s heroes—we are talking guinea pigs, hamsters, moles and other CGI-animated mammals—escape from their cage to save the world from a dastardly evil with the help of high-tech exercise balls. The flick may not have broken box-office records, but it […] Read More →

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