cat on a leash
In or Out?

Despite the movement to promote an indoors-only lifestyle for cats, behaviorists and other experts believe that all cats.. Read More

Services are the Cat’s Meow Nip and Vine
Man Giving His Dog a Bowl of Food
Better than Best

The purchase of food remains the biggest expenditure item for dog owners. And, in fact, according to the.. Read More

Something to Chew On Fancy Feeders
Caribbean Hermit Crab
Get Crabby

Hermit crabs are perennial favorites in the pet industry. Their cute appearance, ease of care and interesting behaviors.. Read More

Beat the Heat Beyond the Bowl
Fire Shrimp
Life on the Reef

Today’s reef hobbyists have literally hundreds of livestock choices for their aquariums, with new varieties entering the trade.. Read More

Riding the Natural Wave Not So Complicated
adult gray Cockatiel
Avian Amusements

What’s the surest cure for a bored bird? Something she can get her claws around, hook her beak.. Read More

Food that Fits the Bill It’s Worth Crowing about Chickens
Djungarian hamster
Credible Edibles

It’s been said that if you give a man a fish, you’ll feed him for a day. But.. Read More

Active and Attractive Mammals off the Mainstream
Pet snacks designed for a dog
Chew It Over

Consumers are invested in selecting eco-friendly products that are good for their pets. According to a report from.. Read More

Probiotics for Pets Land Ho!
Close up of dog getting bath with soap
DIY Dog Grooming

According to data from the American Kennel Club, nearly 70 percent of dog owners reported that they groom.. Read More

Uplifting Experience Bright Eyes
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