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Tetra Cleaning Bacteria


Tetra Cleaning Bacteria is an innovative blend of millions of beneficial microorganisms. When added to the aquarium, the live bacteria serve two functions: to break down sludge and debris and boost filter performance to remove toxins like ammonia and nitrite. It can decrease the need for tank maintenance by reducing waste buildup on gravel by […] View Product →

Betta Worm Shaped Bites


Tetra Betta Worm Shaped Bites is a nutritionally complete worm-shaped food specifically tailored to the needs of bettas and other labyrinth fish. Designed to imitate the size, shape and color of natural bloodworms, the food floats on the water’s surface to appeal to bettas by enticing their natural instinct to hunt. The daily diet also […] View Product →

Aqamai Wi-fi Controlled Tank Accessories


Aqami’s new line of smart phone-controlled tank accessories can be driven by an app without any mechanical controls necessary. The Aqamai KPM and KPS are compact devices designed to create gentle water flow in any aquarium. The Aqamai LRM is a professional reef aquarium lighting system that is silent, easy to install and has six […] View Product →

Paw Pods


Paw Pods are 100 percent biodegradable and contain no artificial colors. They’re made with sustainable bamboo and rice husk, designed to degrade within three to five years of being introduced to the environment. They can help pet owners of all ages say goodbye to pets in a healthy, sensible way. They are also a good […] View Product →

biOrbAIR Terrarium


biOrbAIR is an automated terrarium that offers hassle-free plant care. The sealed environment, with its microclimate, takes care of lighting, humidity, watering and air circulation. It’s equipped with new misting settings (low, automatic and high), new fan speeds and fan sound reduction. It’s easy to set up and virtually maintenance-free. View Product →

biOrb TUBE with Multi-Color Remote Controlled Light


The biOrb TUBE Aquarium offers an unobstructed, 360-degree view of its underwater world. This exquisite aquarium is designed with cylindrical contouring and is available in sleek black or white trim. The biOrb TUBE is equipped with a standard white LED with an easy on and off switch or a multi-color remote controlled LED light that […] View Product →

Submersible Color Changing LED Lights


Lifegard Submersible Remote Control Color Changing LED Lights for ponds, fountains and backyard landscapes feature unlimited color choices with blends of red, yellow, blue, green, white and mixed colors. They allow users to easily connect, remotely control and synchronize up to 12 three-watt or up to six six- watt LED lights on just one transformer, […] View Product →

Acurel Wave Kit


The Acurel Wave Kit acts as an organizer and contains everything needed to keep fi sh happy, healthy and vibrant while keeping the aquarium clean and clear. Complete with two bottles of water conditioner (BodyGuard+), water clarifier (Acurel F), color enhancer (HealthGuard) and vitamin booster (BodyGuard RX), hobbyists will have the healthiest, most colorful and beautiful fish and aquarium so they can enjoy the hobby to the fullest. View Product →

JBJ Rimless Desktop Aquariums


JBJ’s new Rimless Desktop Series are all-in-one aquariums that come with low iron glass tanks, a removable bio-filter that includes the signature threestage filtration system and the dimmable two-channel LED light fixture. JBJ Rimless Desktop Aquariums are small in size but packed with features that will be the perfect addition to home decor. View Product →

Lifegard TURBO Reactors


Engineered to promote the growth of nitrate and phosphate reducing bacteria and enzymes, TURBO represents a unique high flow internal spinning action within the media chamber. The internal mechanism provides a unique, anticlumping spiral flow, maximizing the media contact time as well as providing greater flow through the media. The result is an accelerated chemical and biological filtration to quickly […] View Product →

AquaLife Reef Café


AquaLife Reef Café is the industry’s first customizable system for feeding marine life from fi sh to corals. Reef Café is a four-part system: Brew Base for mixing the other components, Zoo-ka Moka zooplankton component, Phyto-Frappe phytoplankton component, and Amino Shot amino acids, vitamin C and sugars component. Components are mixed at the point-of-sale to produce a customized nutritional profile for any reef system. View Product →

Zoo Med Nano Lighting Collection


Zoo Med’s new Nano lamps and fixtures are perfect for small or Nano terrariums. Included in this line are a Nano Dome fi xture, Nano Combo Dome fixture, a 5-watt LED, a 35-watt Nano Halogen Heat Lamp, as well as Nano Ceramic Heat Emitters, Nano Infrared Heat Lamps, and Nano Basking Spot Lamps that are each available in 25- and […] View Product →

Ruby Reef First Aid Kit


The Ruby Reef First Aid Kit in a Box can be used for freshwater and saltwater tanks. It’s reef safe, copper-free and non-toxic, combatting ich, marine velvet, clownfish disease, gill flukes, tail and fin rot, bacterial infections and more. View Product →

SFBB Fish Eggs


Fish eggs are an essential part of the natural diet for many marine organisms. San Francisco Bay Brand fish eggs are of marine origin and contain high levels of protein and Omega-3 fatty acids. They are excellent for finicky marine and freshwater fish, filter feeding marine invertebrates, and reef tanks. They contain pure capelin fish eggs, without any dyes or preservatives. View Product →

PE Pellets


Hand crafted in small batches at the Piscine Energetics lab in British Columbia, Canada, PE Pellets are a highly palatable, nutritionally complete fish food designed to enhance coloration and induce an energetic feeding response in all varieties of fi sh. PE Pellets contain fresh PE Mysis as the leading ingredient. The unique, low-temperature manufacturing process results in no loss of nutrition during production. High in protein […] View Product →

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