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Clearvue Filters by Cobalt Aquatics


The Cobalt Clearvue Internal Filter has a unique, innovative design that has the beginner fish keeper in mind, but the performance that a hobbyist will appreciate. The filtration chamber makes it very easy to see when the filter needs to be replaced or cleaned. The bottom mounted motor and omni-directional output make the filter very […] View Product →

Stick-On Chips Snacks by sera


Stick-On Chips snacks by sera provide healthy variation in between meals and allow unique views into the underwater world of the aquarium. They can be easily attached to the aquarium glass where they are enthusiastically nibbled off bite for bite by the fish. The snacks are available in three types: krill, daphnia and bloodworm. View Product →

Catfish Tabs XXL by sera


Anyone who wishes to pamper their fish with tasty, high quality food that at the same time provides fascinating opportunities for observation now has the perfect solution in sera Catfish Tabs XXL. The staple food ensures optimal color development and supports the animals’ digestion and health. The tablets do not fall apart and keep their […] View Product →

Decoria Nano Aquariums by Cobalt Aquatics


The all new Decoria line of elite Nano tanks are handmade by European glass blowers. The crystal clear glass is shaped into unique, seamless aquariums of the highest quality that you can not only see, but also feel when you touch the glass. Shapes from traditional cube, columns and rectangles, to the more unique hemisphere […] View Product →

Hydor’s Aqamai Line of Smart Accessories


Connect and control aquarium smart devices with one free and easy app. Hydor’s Aqamai line of smart accessories includes reef LED aquarium lighting and a programmable wavemaker, which works with a custom application to allow owners the ability to adjust settings from their phone. Saltwater aquariums are mini ecosystems requiring close care and attention, and […] View Product →

Chemi-pure Green by Boyd Enterprises


Chemi-pure Green is the ultimate all-in-one filtration media for freshwater planted aquariums. Conveniently packaged in an easy-to-use nylon bag, Chemi-pure Green offers superior filtration without removing essential nutrients. The proprietary formula significantly reduces tannins, odors, toxins, organic compounds and medications. For a healthy, stable, crystal clear planted aquarium, use Chemi-pure Green. View Product →

Cichlid Green XL and Cichlid Red XL by sera


Keep your cichlids healthy and colorful by fulfilling all their nutritional requirements with the sera food novelties Cichlid Green XL and Cichlid Red XL. The floating granules keep their shape, do not fall apart in water, and are easily digestible. Both Cichlid Green XL and Cichlid Red XL contain prebiotically active mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) which […] View Product →

L’Aquarium by Kordon, LLC


Because appearance is important to fish owners, the L’Aquarium by Kordon, LLC contemporary reef tank is a self-contained aquarium system designed to hide the equipment and focus on the fish and coral. Beautifully crafted with clean, crisp lines and a water resistant base of cabinets to accommodate the efficient sump system, the L’Aquarium is sleek […] View Product →

Total Nutrition by EcoSystem Aquarium


Total Nutrition coral food is an all-natural multivitamin and mineral supplement. It will intensify the colorization of both the fish and corals and will not interfere with other additives to the reef aquarium. Total Nutrition can also help improve appetite in fish, including fish that are difficult to feed. View Product →

Jelly Cylinder Nano by Jellyfish Art


Winner of the 2016 best aquatic product of the year at Global Pet Expo, the Jelly Cylinder Nano is an affordable aquarium that makes keeping jellyfish simple for anyone. Its special laminar water flow pattern, which is not possible in regular fish tanks, mimics the natural open water habitat of jellyfish and its RGB LED […] View Product →

Hikari Sinking Goldfish Excel


Goldfish keepers are always on the lookout for feeding options for their fishy friends, and Sinking Goldfish Excel is an excellent option for improved growth, excellent coloration and lots of natural nutrients that goldfish crave. The sinking pellet helps avoid air gulping, which can reduce the chances of swim bladder issues common with many goldfish […] View Product →

sera Herbs ’n’ Loops


Variety on the menu is part of feeding reptiles appropriately, and sera Herbs ’n’ Loops provides an optimal food solution. The product consists of 50 percent dried herbs and carefully manufactured loops. Due to this combination of valuable nutrients, vitamins and minerals, the requirements of the animals are ideally met. The snack supports disease resistance, […] View Product →

Aquabar Professional LED Controller by CASCO Pet


CASCO Pet’s innovative Aquabar Professional LED Controller is the new store energy management controller, designed to help you manage your lighting and reduce your costs by customizing a weekly lighting schedule to ensure you’re not using additional energy when you don’t need to. With this product, you can set times, routines and sequences remotely and […] View Product →

PE Pellets by Piscine Energetics


Hand crafted in small batches at the Piscine Energetics’ laboratory in British Columbia, Canada, PE Pellets are a highly palatable, nutritionally complete fish food designed to enhance coloration and induce an energetic feeding response in all varieties of fish. Both saltwater and freshwater PE Pellets contain fresh PE Mysis as the leading ingredient, resulting in […] View Product →

Aqueon Quiet Flow Specialty Filter Pads with Bio-Media Grid


The specialty filter pads from Aqueon are now available as a bundle with the Bio-Media Grid, a needed tool for those with an Aqueon Quiet Flow Filter. Designed specifically for Aqueon hang-on back units, the pads provide an additional stage of mechanical filtration and can help address water quality issues. The pads come in three […] View Product →

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