September 1, 2019

According to the California-based nonprofit House Rabbit Society, chewing is a natural and necessary part of bunny behavior, as their teeth are constantly growing. And rabbits aren’t the only ones in the small animal sector who are known as active chewers: Guinea pigs and chinchillas love to gnaw and nibble, too.

Although cardboard, towels and other select inedible items are generally considered safe in satisfying a critter’s urge to chomp—while simultaneously saving a pet owner’s valuables from damage and destruction—treats are a much more tasty and nutritious option. In addition, pet product manufacturers offer a wide range of healthy choices for these pets to literally sink their teeth into.

Treats are functional products that are meant to fulfill foraging behavior and provide owners with an opportunity to reward and bond with their pets. And they can feel good about feeding these treats to their small animals because they are made with natural and healthy ingredients. And there is variety among the options, with fruits, vegetables and seeds serving as primary ingredients.

But it’s important to remind customers that treats should be complementary to their critter’s regular food. Because just like with all pets, small animals require a balanced diet. For those moments each day between meals when small animals are in the mood to put their teeth to work, these products pair well with many regular food items. And your customers will be grateful for these tasty treats on store shelves so they can always have one or more of them within arm’s reach for their pets.

Lafeber Hey!BerriesBag


Hey!Berries treats are unique because of their shape and texture. Made from 70 percent hay, Hey!Berries also have tasty morsels of mango and papaya that add flavor, texture, energy and fiber. Each Hey!Berrie is formed into a small berry shape that encourages foraging behavior in rabbits, guinea pigs and other herbivores. The aroma of the hay and visible pieces of mango and papaya add to their appeal.





Oxbow Simple Rewards_CranberrySimple Rewards Baked Treats

Who says treats can’t be both healthy and delicious? Simple Rewards treats are made with wholesome ingredients such as fruits and veggies, aromatic herbs and high fiber hay, so pet parents can feel good about making them a part of their daily routine. Available in nine irresistible varieties, the treats provide the ideal opportunity for reward, enrichment and bonding.






Vitakraft Grainola Treat Bars2


Vitakraft Sunseed Treats

Vitakraft Sunseed’s longtime favorite small animal treat bars come in a variety of recipes, containing exciting ingredients such as quinoa seed, mountain ash berries, pumpkin seed hearts and flaxseed. They are fun, tasty and nutritious, with a texture that offers plenty of chewing exercise.



Ware SafariFriends


Ware Critter Crackers

Ware Critter Crackers are compressed Timothy hay treats that come in a variety of fun, animal-inspired shapes. These natural, high-fiber chew treats help with digestion and keep teeth clean and trim. Timothy hay is essential to your small animal’s overall health. Chinchillas, guinea pigs and rabbits are plant-eating animals requiring a diet rich in hay and grass.






Kaytee Baked_Apple_Tim_Treat1Kaytee Timothy Biscuits

Great for bonding and playtime, Kaytee Timothy Biscuits provide tooth conditioning and satisfy a small animal’s natural desire to chew. Made with sun-cured Timothy hay, Kaytee Timothy Biscuits contain high fiber to support digestive health. Available in apple and carrot varieties and sold in four-ounce bags, they are the perfect treat for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas or other small animals.


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