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The Daily Grind

Pet Age Staff//April 1, 2019//

hamster running in the running wheel isolated on white background

The Daily Grind

Pet Age Staff //April 1, 2019//

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It’s important for pets to have a long, healthy lifestyle, and small animals are no different, especially with their smaller frames. With a basic routine of nutritional food, plenty of exercise and lots of tender, loving care, pet owners have the recipe for an ideal, happy lifestyle for their critters.

Maintaining this routine on a daily basis is key. Just providing critters with the basic recipe once in a while is not sufficient or effective. Pet parents should be encouraging and contributing to their small animals’ health every day, and manufacturers and retailers should be emphasizing this to them because it is not only beneficial for the small animals, it is also beneficial for the pet parent.

For example, giving a ferret a treat not only boosts their nutrition, it also gives the pet owner more opportunities to interact with their critter. And giving a hamster an exercise ball made with the latest advancements not only strengthens their exercise routine, it also provides entertainment for pet owners and bystanders alike.

Additionally, an at-home remedy for cuts and abrasions meant for everyday use like a bandage allows pet parents to treat their small animals’ minor injuries without excessive visits to the veterinarian. With products that are geared toward a daily health routine, industry leaders can keep consumers up-to-date on the best health practices for their critters that also strengthen the bond between owner and pet.

These products are meant for everyday use, focusing on improving a small animal’s health in a consistent manner. Having a varied selection of product categories—like hearty and delicious treats, exercise products and at-home remedies for a pet first-aid kit—allows manufacturers and retailers to give their customers a bundled package of health products geared to the specific needs of their critter.

Ultimately, all the products available to consumers should provide them with more interaction as well as peace of mind about their critters’ health.


Marshall furo_viteFuro-Vite

These premium soft chews are great for ferrets that need a little energy, have dull coats or dry skin. Furo-Vite Premium Vitamin Chews are made using a cold-pressed process that protects all of the vitamins and minerals in each morsel. No artificial color, flavors or animal byproducts are used in these chews. Great-tasting daily chew for ferrets of all ages.








Fauna Care ProductsFauna Care Products

Fauna Care treats cuts, abrasions, burns, hot spots and other wounds. Just spray it on dogs, cats, horses or any animals and it creates a moisture barrier that keeps dirt out while allowing the wound to breathe. It kills up to 99 percent of infections fast.


Natural Science papaya supportNatural Science Supplements

Oxbow Animal Health’s supplements support the wellness of small pets. Included in the product lineup is Natural Science Papaya Support, which is designed to support the digestive health of pets. Also offered is Natural Science Vitamin C, which contains high-fiber timothy hay and the stabilized vitamin C that animals benefit from during times of stress, illness or recovery.





WARE-Health_E_ShroomHealth-E Collection

The Health-E Collection from WARE Pet Products are healthy chews for small animals that are as wholesome as they are adorable. It comes in the following shapes and styles: Health-E Donut, Health-E Bouquet, Health-E Cone, Health-E Rabbit and Health-E Shroom.







kaytee LED lighted rub about ballKaytee LED Lighted Run-About Ball

Winner of the “Best in Show” distinction in the small animal category at Global Pet Expo 2017, this exercise ball is available in a 5-inch, 7-inch and 13-inch size, which is the largest available on the market. The multiple sizes offer a wide variety of options that can accommodate nearly any species, including larger pets.