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Critter Beginner

Pet Age Staff//October 1, 2019//

Critter Beginner

Pet Age Staff //October 1, 2019//

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Like dogs and cats, small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and mice make great pets for beginners. But for any consumer looking for their first critter, the path to getting an ideal pet can be overwhelming.

Not only do prospective owners need to know which type of small animal would make an ideal addition to their home, they need to know what products are required to keep the pet happy and healthy. And while it may be the responsibility of the consumer to be fully committed to caring for a pet before they acquire it, those in the pet industry—from manufacturers to retailers—can make that path to get there one that is clear, smooth and without doubt.

Consumers should be encouraged to do their due diligence, and retailers can assist by making the learning process one that is as easy and engaging as possible. And it’s vitally important that if a parent is looking for a small animal pet for a child, retailers should never rush the process.

If consumers are unsure which critter to get as their first small pet, retailers are recommended to note the pros and cons of each species in order to gauge which one fits their lifestyle. It’s a good idea to encourage customers to ask questions and do research so that they are confident in the critter they want. This not only creates a better chance for a perfect match, but it also can enhance a retailers bond with their customers.

Once the consumer is certain on the small animal they want, break down the products necessary to their specific critter, such as the habitats, food and toys that meet their needs. Products like these provide a touch of fun while covering the essential basics of critter keeping. With products such as these at their disposal, beginners can be confident in their endeavor with their first critter.

WebVita Prima
The new and improved Vita Prima is Sunseed’s flagship line of small animal food. It has been completely revamped with a fresh modern look, premium packaging and recipes made with a unique blend of nutrient-rich ancient grains. These species-specific formulas are free from any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.


carefresh colorful creations


Healthy Pet carefresh

The carefresh line of small animal bedding from Healthy Pet is made from scratch with pillowy-soft, ultra-absorbent comfyfluff designed specifically for small pets. Made from 100 percent reclaimed natural fiber, it provides a cozy, natural home that is better for small pets and the planet. It’s two times more absorbent than shavings. It’s a low-dust, easy-to-clean bedding with 10-day odor control.



FiberCore Eco BeddingFiberCore Eco-Bedding

Highly absorbent and dust free, Eco-Bedding is the perfect environmentally friendly bedding material for your small animals and birds. Eco-Bedding is hygienic, sanitary and non-toxic. The bedding is safety tested and is healthy for all small pets. Its convenient design means neater cage areas and easier clean-up with no sticking. Available colors are natural, blue and pink.




Oxbow Animal Health_Enriched Life_Apple Stick Hay Feeder_lifestyleEnriched Life Apple Stick Hay Feeder

Oxbow’s Enriched Life Apple Stick Hay Feeder is a new, fun way to offer hay to pets. The hay feeder is made with safe, natural materials including untreated wood, apple sticks, natural fibers and vegetable-based dyes, making it an enriching addition to every small pet’s habitat.






Supreme Petfood Selective_Rabbit_Selective Naturals Grain-Free Food

Supreme has gone grain-free with Selective Naturals rabbit and guinea pig food. Ninety-three percent of pet owners think there is a benefit to feeding grain-free, believing it is less likely to cause health problems. Selective Naturals Grain-Free is rich in Timothy hay and garden vegetables, with no added sugars, corn or wheat.





Midwest WabbitatWabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home

The Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home provides maximum comfort for rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other small animals. It assembles without tools and comes with accessories that include a removable hay feeder, a water bottle and a feeding bowl. The elevated feeding area creates a privacy space, and the stationary feeding bowl reduces spills during meals. The Wabbitat Deluxe features an easy-to-clean plastic pan that contains messes and litter.


Kaytee Color-changing LED habitatKaytee CritterTrail Color Changing LED Light Habitat

The Kaytee CritterTrail Color Changing LED Light Habitat illuminates pets’ living space with five color settings: yellow, purple, green, pink and nocturnal red. It comes with a water bottle, exercise wheel and food dish, and it features narrow ¼-inch wire spacing, expandable ports, secure side-lock latches and front and top access doors.


2 in 1 kapok critter toys2-in-1 Kapok Critter Toys

The 2-in-1 value of Ware Manufacturing’s Kapok Build-Able toys minimize waste and maximize fun. The incredibly soft kapok bedding is packaged in an environmentally friendly, safe to chew card that easily turns into a toy and comes with DIY instructions. The three toys in the series include Kapok Build-A-Nest, Build-A-Hit and Build-A-Bed.