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Artvark Pet Products Distribution Deal Unleashes Feline Feast Featuring Premium Hand-Cut Fillets

By Pet Age Staff//May 9, 2024//

Artvark Pet Products Distribution Deal Unleashes Feline Feast Featuring Premium Hand-Cut Fillets

By: Pet Age Staff//May 9, 2024//

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Artvark Pet Products, a distinguished distributor of premium pet supplies, recently announced its strategic collaboration with Inaba, a leading pet food brand, to introduce an enticing range of natural, premium hand-cut tuna fillets and grilled chicken products to retail stores nationwide.

As a trusted partner to pet store owners and management teams, Artvark Pet Products understands the importance of offering high-quality products that meet the diverse needs of their customers. This partnership with Inaba represents a significant enhancement to Artvark Pet Products’ retail offerings, providing store owners with a premium, sought-after product line to attract and retain customers.

Crafted with care and precision, the hand-crafted tuna fillets offered by are made from top-quality wild-caught tuna. In addition, the brand’s poultry line is sourced from farm-raised chicken. Lightly grilled and infused with a succulent broth to lock in moisture, each fillet is bursting with flavor and nutrition, making it an ideal choice for discerning feline palates.

With over 20 SKUs available in various pack sizes, including convenient variety pack assortments, Artvark Pet Products ensures that store owners can cater to cats of all ages and preferences. Whether customers are seeking a treat for kittens or a nutritious snack for senior cats, they’ll find something to delight their furry companions in Artvark Pet Products’ premium hand-cut tuna fillets line.

“In our ongoing commitment to supporting pet store owners and management teams through our distribution network, we are thrilled to partner with Inaba to offer this exceptional product line,” said Art Nakagawa, CEO of Artvark Pet Products. “We believe that this collaboration will not only enhance the retail experience for our customers but also strengthen our position as a leading distributor in the pet industry.”

In addition to their irresistible taste, Artvark Pet Products’ hand-cut fillets are packed with nutritional benefits, including vitamin E for immunity and Green Tea Extract as an antioxidant. Free from grains, preservatives and artificial colors, these treats provide a wholesome snacking experience that cat owners can feel good about.