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Horse Care Brand Farnam, Country Music Trio Partner in ‘Everything for the Ride’ Campaign

By Pet Age Staff//May 10, 2024//

Horse Care Brand Farnam, Country Music Trio Partner in ‘Everything for the Ride’ Campaign

By: Pet Age Staff//May 10, 2024//

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Farnam, a leading horse care brand for over 75 years in the Central Garden & Pet portfolio, and the neo-traditional country music family trio, The Castellows, recently announced “Everything for the Ride,” a music-led campaign celebrating the lifelong bonds with horses. The campaign is a tribute to horse ownership’s many twists and turns and how Farnam is there for every single moment of the long ride together.

Rooted in music’s unique role in connecting us emotionally and creating community, the “Everything for the Ride” campaign is proud to produce three new, original songs from the beloved country music family, The Castellows. Farnam partnered with The Castellows as their lifelong love of horses runs deep. Through tending and loving these animals, the sister trio learned the hard work, grit, joy, and accomplishment that accompanies being a songwriter. This seamless partnership combined the trio’s passion for horses with their passion for songwriting and musical talent and produced music all horse lovers can relate to.

Each original song will inspire an accompanying video illustrating varying themes of the horse ownership journey. The videos will be released and available to consumers across Farnam and The Castellows’ social media channels this summer.

The Castellows created the three original songs during a unique songwriting retreat on a farm in Tennessee alongside talented songwriters Erik Dylan, Brandon Hood and Ava Suppelsa. Together, the six artists used inspiration from the retreat—horseback riding adventures, caring for the horses, and immersing themselves in the great outdoors — and their love of storytelling to produce the official “Everything for the Ride” soundtrack.

“We grew up riding horses and playing music,” said The Castellows. “We love that we are able to combine our love for the two and create the soundtrack for “Everything for the Ride” with Farnam.”

The “Everything for the Ride” campaign also debuts Farnam’s new branding including a modernized logo that will be used across all point of sale and company-wide marketing. Later this summer, Farnam will roll out a new Amazon storefront, offering consumers a more seamless online shopping experience to meet all their horse care needs.

“Farnam has been the go-to horse care brand for over 75 years and, while that won’t change, we have decided it’s time to refresh our brand with a fresh new look with an updated logo, modern branding, and our first-ever music and talent partnership,” says Stash Eaton, Equine Marketing Director at Farnam. “The collaboration with The Castellows is such an authentic partnership for our brand. The music they created perfectly embodies the essence of our mission and values, and we’re excited for consumers to hear the songs and engage with the campaign.”