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LaLaHome Showcases New High-Tech Products to European Pet Retailers at Interzoo Trade Show

By Pet Age Staff//May 10, 2024//

LaLaHome Showcases New High-Tech Products to European Pet Retailers at Interzoo Trade Show

By: Pet Age Staff//May 10, 2024//

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After launching in the United States earlier this year, LaLaHome Smartech, a leading innovator in high-tech pet care solutions, debuted its newest products at Interzoo 2024, the world’s largest pet product trade show that took place May 7 to 10 in Nuremberg, Germany. Building on the success of its debut at Global Pet Expo in Orlando last March, LaLa Home Smartech unveiled its latest RealScooper and RealFountain. The RealScooper is the only self-cleaning automated litter box on the market that is also self-refilling, featuring blades that mimic the human scooping motion instead of the rotation move. Meanwhile, the RealFountain offers versatility for bipetual households, providing both fountain-style water flow for cats and lake-still water for dogs with a five-layer filtration system.

Both products are equipped with a proprietary APP for remote control operation and monitoring, ensuring convenience and peace of mind for pet owners. LaLaHome Smartech takes pride in creating products that are not only technologically advanced but also cat approved, with five cats roaming their office providing rigorous testing and approval.

In addition to these flagship products, LaLaHome Smartech also unveiled the RealRoller, a motorized lint roller designed to effortlessly remove pet hair from any flat surface, providing a solution to pet owners struggling with pesky pet hair around their homes.

Compared to the U.S. where the automatic litter box market is already established, the European market is still new to these devices and the response from retailers and distributors has been phenomenal, with many jumping on the bandwagon to carry these innovative devices.