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Tiny, Mighty Chewers

Pet Age Staff//February 4, 2019//

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Tiny, Mighty Chewers

Pet Age Staff //February 4, 2019//

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Critters prove that size doesn’t matter, especially when it involves oral health. For instance, guinea pigs have top and bottom incisors that are easily identifiable and visible, but in all, they have 20 teeth. And a guinea pig’s incisors can grow up to nearly two centimeters, which may seem like a measly size compared to the teeth size of a large dog. But it is just as important to care for those tiny little teeth as it is to care for any size teeth of any animal or human.

Good teeth are essential to a small animal’s health. That starts with a nutritious diet and adequate vitamin C, which will help the teeth grow strong. In addition, the biting, chewing and grinding of food (especially hays, grasses and abrasive foods, will keep the teeth at proper length.

Small animals, just like dogs and cats and humans, are at risk to dental infections and periodontal disease if their oral hygiene is not properly cared for. These can not only cause bad breath and pain in the mouth, but can also lead to infections in other parts of the body. That’s why dentists and oral hygienists emphasize the importance of a clean, healthy mouth.

With February being dental month, dental products are being highlighted on all platforms of the industry. While more awareness and dental products are being brought to the forefront for dogs and cats, the trend is also expanding to products for small animals. But because critters have significantly smaller teeth than others, it’s a significant challenge to even brush their teeth. That means that manufacturers have to create products that are easy for consumers and critters alike to use. In addition, they have to possess qualities to keep small animals’ teeth not just clean but also strong.

These products were creatively designed to be both fun and functional. Toys and chews give critters the chance to take care of their mouths while they play. They are easy to use, feature organic materials and are ideal for even the most stubborn of nibblers. In addition to these products, it’s important for retailers to provide customers with information on keeping up with their small animal’s oral hygiene so that they can continue to be mighty chewers.






Join the emoji revolution with Kaytee Chew-Mojis! Chew-Moji Wooden Chews help clean and trim teeth. The wooden chews are pre-drilled so they can be added to any Kaytee Ka-Bob holder to provide a wooden chew toy for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters or other small animals. Easily attached to any wire cage, the Chew-Moji Wooden Chews use pet safe vegetable dye colors.





Kapok-SA-T&P-2192-in-1 Kapok Critter Toys

The 2-in-1 value of Ware Manufacturing’s Kapok Build-Able toys minimize waste and maximize fun. The incredibly soft kapok bedding is packaged in an environmentally friendly, safe to chew card that easily turns into a toy and comes with DIY instructions. The three toys in the series include Kapok Build-A-Nest, Build-A-Hit and Build-A-Bed.




Lucky Flyer-SA-T&P-219Lucky Flyer

Ware Lucky Flyers are small animal toys that are naturally safe to chew and great for hiding, resting or nesting. Ware Lucky Flyer create a charming hideout for hamsters, gerbils and mice. Lucky Flyer are made from sundried grasses that are safe to chew.




Grapevine-SA-T&P-219Grapevine Fly Chew

Greenfeather Bird Supply’s Grapevine Fly Chew is a mixture of shred and chew textures to tantalize that need to gnaw for mice to rabbits. The toy center is a Connecticut sustainably grown grapevine chunk, surrounded by a nubbie, then piled with flap-jacks and finished with paper rope. Treats can be tucked into for foraging fun. Chew, toss and repeat.