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Who’s a Good Boy?

Sandy Robins//August 31, 2016//

Who’s a Good Boy?

Sandy Robins //August 31, 2016//

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There is a wonderful arsenal of training tools for dogs that deal with a variety of issues, whether it’s simply learning to walk on a leash or how to remain calm in certain situations.

Leashes and Harnesses
The Company of Animals, creators of the original Halti head collar, recently announced their new Halti walking range. This extensive collection was created to offer practical options for people and pets from every walk of life.

“Just like every behavior and training product we’ve ever launched, they’re all designed to promote harmony between people and pets,” said Larry Cobb, CEO of The Company of Animals’ US subsidiary.

Products in this new line all feature a reflective 3M strip for walking visibility and includes the Halti Retractable Lead designed to let dogs enjoy the freedom of walking but simultaneously offers dog owners reassurance that their pet is safe and secure. It is available in four colors and three sizes and features a comfortable, gel-padded handle and one-click thumb lock to adjust lead length. The Halti All-In-One Lead has a padded neoprene handle and super-strong elastic shock absorber for walking comfort. It can double as a tie-out tether or belt for hands-free use.

Dog travel experts Kurgo offer a variety of practical products that work as both training tools as well as practical accessories for well-mannered dogs on the go such as the Tru-Fit Smart Harness that features a halt ring on the chest plates.

“If your dog attempts to pull on a leash attached to the halt ring, it will just turn him around, effectively training him that pulling will get him nowhere,” explained Kerry Sutherland, the company’s publicist. “The chest pad is designed to reduce stress on the trachea and sternum while dispersing kinetic energy across the chest.”

The Springback Dog Leash is designed to deal with a dog that makes an unpredictable pull or directional changes as it will stretch and bungee him back into place.

“It’s a great training tool to teach your dog to enjoy the outdoors while limiting his freedom and keeping him safe,” Sutherland said.

The Safe & Sound Harness from Smart Pet Love includes a device that offers the feel of a real heartbeat located in a pocket in the front of the harness. It’s a great training tool to curb anxiety.

“It’s the same technology used in our world famous Snuggle Puppy,” said Bob Thorne, the company’s president.

“A high percentage of dogs end up in shelters because of unresolved anxiety issues that manifest as reallydog leash bad behavior, thus their owners give up on them,” Thorne said. “Our harness provides a natural solution by providing a pack animal (dog) the feel of another pulsing heart. It offers dogs reassurance and allows them to build confidence.”

PetSafe offers a variety of training harnesses, such as the Deluxe Easy Walk Harness designed to gently discourage a dog from pulling on the leash.

“The chest strap rests across the dog’s chest so there’s no choking or gagging, and the front-chest leash attachment helps you steer your dog to the side and redirect his attention toward you,” said Jason Hart, director of marketing for PetSafe. “It also features neoprene line straps and reflective strips, visible up to 1,000 feet.”

For pet owners who like to combine fashion with functional training, the PetSafe Bling Easy Walk Harness features a fun, sparkly ribbon overlay on the nylon harness. The Bling Easy Walk Harness utilizes silver quick-release buckles and four adjustment points to provide maximum comfort and a reliable fit, and is available in three different colors and four sizes.

There is also a new harness from Gold Paw Series.

“Our new Crossover Harness was created with comfort in mind,” said company president Rebecca Gadd. “It provides a stretchy yet durable feel that allows for better breathability without compromising safety. It’s designed to remove pressure from the throat and direct it onto the shoulders, where it belongs, and is especially great for larger dogs that have a pulling tendency.”

ThunderWorks has had a lot of success with their ThunderShirts, in various styles, and their ThunderLeashes. The standard leash mimics a dog training trick called the Dutch half hitch that involves looping a leash around the flank or belly and tightening it to distract and help settle an overactive or leash-aggressive dog that may pull hard or become very agitated at the sight of other animals or strangers.

“The tractable leash has surprised a lot of people with its effectiveness as a ‘no-pull’ leash,” said Todd Cantrell, the company’s vice president of marketing.

Rewarding Good Behavior
When it comes to dog training and positive reinforcement techniques, training treats are undoubtedly a must-have training tool.

Bravo’s new training treats are made with 100 percent muscle meat, poultry protein, cheese and organs, and are sized to serve as the perfect reinforcement reward. They are freeze-dried and not messy if kept in a treat pouch or pocket.

PetSafe also has an item called the Treat Pouch Sport as part of their arsenal of training products. The product features a special hinge that allows the pouch to stay open, making training with multiple treats easy. The divided inner pocket is convenient for separating treats, while the front storage pocket is perfect for carrying cell phones or other personal items.

The Treat Pouch Sport includes a belt clip and detachable/adjustable belt and also features multiple elastic loops as well as a carabineer for attaching keys, clickers or other training tools. It’s made of waterproof, stain-resistant material and is available in black, red and blue.