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Take the Lead

Pet Age Staff//December 18, 2019//

Take the Lead

Pet Age Staff //December 18, 2019//

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Whether seeking to address behavioral issues or simply wanting to teach pups new tricks, many consumers view dog training as a necessary and desirable undertaking. There are many ways retailers can help these dog-owning customers. One avenue is for retailers to offer dog training sessions at or in conjunction with their store.

A more common step is to stock hard goods that can be useful for dog training. And all professional dog trainers will agree that leashes, collars and harnesses top the list of training products.

In “Stock These Supplies,” Steven Appelbaum’s April 2018 Management column, the president of Animal Behavior College mentioned how these products are common pieces of training equipment for dog trainers and consumers alike.

“Dog training can be a seasonal business. Pet retailers who understand this can respond by having the equipment dog trainers recommend—and owners will come looking for—at their stores,” Appelbaum wrote.

Accessories such as leashes, collars and harnesses make the training process easier by giving the trainer or the consumer control of the dog. But the right materials and designs can make all the difference in the training process. For example, leather is a bit easier on a person’s hands than rougher nylon, but for consumers living in areas with a wet climate, nylon is better because it will hold up better and require less care in that type of environment.

“Retailers who are knowledgeable about the proper usage of the equipment they sell will stand out by their ability to assist customers in making proper selections. This helps build consumer loyalty, a priceless commodity in today’s competitive retail environment,” Appelbaum said.

These accessories offer the features that are recommended for dog training, including safety, durability and functionality. But they also give consumers additional features that matter to them, such as ease of use, bright and creative patterns, sustainable materials and more. So no matter what consumers are looking to teach their pups, they can do so in a way that is effective and enjoyable.

lift-n-stepDogWalkin’ Lift-n-Step Harness

The Walkin’ Lift-n-Step Harness offers full-body support, providing lifting support to both the front and rear of dogs. Perfect for post-operative care, pets with arthritis or senior pets, it is designed to support pets ranging from 15 to 110 pounds. Available in five sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL.


Ezydog Zero Shock LeashZero Shock Leash

EzyDog’s award-winning Zero Shock Leash is now available in a six-foot length. This new option is ideal for anyone who prefers a longer leash with the benefits of the company’s patented Zero Shock Technology, which drastically reduces the strain on both dog and owner. It maintains all of the best features of the existing variants, including the padded neoprene handle, reflective stitching, quick-grab handle and traffic-control loop. It is available in 10 different colors and patterns.


WAUDOG 1WAUDOG Collars and Leashes

COLLAR Company has launched a new trademark, WAUDOG, which offers a new series of leather collars and leashes decorated with colorful wear-resistant patterns. The WAUDOG products are for pet owners who would like to have beautiful, high-quality accessories for their pets. The “wow” effect is provided by multiple variations of bright and attractive patterns.


Hund LeashHUND 5-in-1 Leash
HUND’s sustainably made, 100-percent real leather leash makes it easy and safe for the dog and his parent to enjoy their walks and training in various ways. One leash easily transforms into either a 4-foot, 5-foot, 6-foot, hands-free or tether leash.



bergen auto harness COASTALBergan Auto Harness

The Bergan Auto Harness’ easy installation and comfortable fit make it perfect for short errands, trips to the park and long-distance driving trips. It has a step-in design and is padded for comfort and protection. The harness requires no additional attachments, which makes securing your dog as simple as putting the seat belt through the two loops on the back of the harness and buckling them in. The two D-ring attachments make the switch from car restraint to walking harness easy and simple.



Kurgo Patriotic CollarsKurgo Patriotic Muck Collars

Kurgo offers several patriotic designs in its popular waterproof Muck collar line. These designs pay tribute to Canada, the United States and U.K. The odor-free Muck Dog Collars are available in three sizes.


Up Country Bristol CollectionUp Country Made in the USA

Up Country has added over two dozen new collar patterns to its already extensive made-in-the-USA lineup! Pet owners can show off their pet’s personalities each season and holiday with one of Up Country’s fun and fashionable patterns. Matching leads and harnesses are available in most fashions.




Pink Papyrus Leashes


Pink Papyrus Leashes

These leashes are designed to be both beautiful and seriously strong. Their hand-spun cotton is weatherproof, hypoallergenic, durable, naturally elastic, lightweight and incredibly soft, making this leash the perfect, stylish, sustainable and safe outdoor accessory for pups.



2Hounds Design Reflective Freedom Harness (3)Reflective Freedom Harness

The Reflective Freedom Harness by 2 Hounds Design contains all of the features in the original design, but with added reflectivity. The material in these reflective harnesses helps dogs be more visible in darker conditions whenever a light is present. The harness increases visibility at night, so dogs can safely exercise with their dog owners at any time throughout the day. Style and safety are equally valued with the reflective Freedom Harness, which comes in black/silver and red/silver.