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Cyber Security, Same Day Shipping, Facebook Changes

Michelle Maskaly//March 6, 2013//

Cyber Security, Same Day Shipping, Facebook Changes

Michelle Maskaly //March 6, 2013//

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Every day Jason and I scourer the web looking for interesting business-related stories that could help you, the reader, run your business more successfully. Sometimes that means social media news from Mashable, new consumer spending numbers from the National Retail Federation or tips about employee engagement from Inc.

Curating these stories allow you to worry about your business, while we deliver you the best of the web. Typically, we share them in real-time on our Twitter feed, and sometime Facebook page. Eventually, we hope to share these with you daily right here on our blog.

Here are several stories we think are important to check out:

– Just because you are a small company, it doesn’t mean you aren’t vulnerable to a cyber attack. Entrepreneur’s John Patrick Pullen takes a look at a company where laptops were stolen during a break-in causing numerous issues, including a payroll mishap.  It also includes tips on how you can protect your business.

– Same-day delivery is going to change the retail world, and independent retailers are going to have to change their tactics if they want to compete, according to an article in Ad Age.

– Oh Facebook! Here we go again. TechCrunch is reporting that during a big press event tomorrow, Facebook will announce another new update that will change the “timeline” as we know it. According to the article, they will be launching content-specific news feeds, as well as bigger photos and ads. While we can only speculate how that will impact the way you interact with customers, you can be sure we will update you on the latest after the announcement.